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An immunization update from the Minnesota Department of Health.

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November 2017 (PDF)

  • Get ready for National Influenza Vaccination Week!
  • New shingles vaccine and recommendations
    (correction 11/28/17: vaccination schedule updated)
  • MnVFC/UUAV holiday shipping schedule and annual reports reminder
  • New hepatitis B vaccine for adults
  • Exchange information with MIIC using a bidirectional interface
  • Wait! Did you give the patient a VIS before vaccinating?
  • Current VISs, November 2017

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October 2017 (PDF)

  • Vaccine timing: Minimum ages and intervals matter
  • School immunization data updated
  • Remember to vaccinate for hepatitis A
  • MnVFC annual re-enrollment due Nov. 30, 2017
  • Additional MnVFC flu vaccine available for 2017-18 season
  • National Influenza Vaccination Week is coming
  • Enter flu vaccinations in MIIC
  • MMWR article: Vaccination timeliness by parent's country of birth
  • Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices meeting
  • Upcoming CDC webinar

September 2017 (PDF)

  • Using interpreters to help improve vaccination acceptance
  • Raise your HPV vaccination rates!
  • MnVFC updates
  • Use proper technique to prevent injection injuries
  • Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)
  • Immunization 101 training at Century College

Special Edition: Measles Outbreak Over (PDF)
Posted 9/11/17

  • Return to routine MMR vaccine recommendations
  • Continue to improve MMR rates
  • Suspecting and screening for measles
  • Ongoing work
  • Have questions?
  • Thank you!

August 2017 (PDF)

  • Get ready for the 2017-18 flu season
  • Which pediatric flu vaccine do you use?
  • Congratulations to the 2017 Immunization Award Winners!
  • Two meningococcal vaccines no longer available
  • Call teens in for their MenACWY (MCV4) boosters
  • New oral polio vaccine feature in MIIC
  • New MIIC security feature
  • Nominate an HPV vaccine champion

July 2017 (PDF)

  • Promote immunizations in August
  • Submit your Giebink Award nominations today!
  • Assess pneumococcal vaccination for older adults
  • Get ready for flu season: MnVFC vaccine shipping soon
  • New MIIC e-learning modules
  • MDH at the Minnesota State Fair
  • No changes to influenza VIS
  • Wait! Did you give the patient a VIS before vaccinating?
  • Current VISs, July 2017

June 2017 (PDF)

  • Measles outbreak update
  • Updated guidance for the meningococcal B vaccine, Trumenba
  • Return expired MnVFC influenza vaccine
  • Don't miss an opportunity to prevent cancer
  • August is National Immunization Awareness Month
  • Nominations open for the Giebink Award
  • GYS Immunization Conference schedule
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May 2017 (PDF)

  • Measles outbreak update
  • Identify patients who need MMR vaccine
  • Mumps outbreak at University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
  • Wait! Did you give the patient a VIS before vaccinating?
  • Current VISs, May 2017
  • Yellow fever vaccine shortage
  • Printing error on childhood immunization schedule

April 2017 (PDF)

  • Measles outbreak update
  • Improve your immunization rates with MIIC
  • MIIC Adolescent Assessment Report updated for HPV recommendations
  • Update on MenB vaccination of UW-Madison students
  • Updated Are Your Kids Ready? / When to Get Vaccines
  • Share immunization information on social media for NIIW

March 2017 (PDF)

  • Tell us what you're doing for NIIW
  • Don't miss an opportunity to vaccinate your adult patients!
  • Interactive childhood immunization data updated on portal
  • Influenza update
  • Perinatal hepatitis B vaccine recommendation changes
  • Get Got Your Shots? News by email!
  • MDH on social media

February 2017 (PDF)

  • Get ready for National Infant Immunization Week
  • Immunization schedules are posted online
  • New guidance for polio vaccination among refugees and immigrants
  • Get Got Your Shots? News by email!
  • Feedback for us?
  • MDH on social media

January 2017 (PDF)

  • Mumps activity in Minnesota
  • Test all suspect varicella (chickenpox) cases
  • MMWR article on maternal vaccination coverage in Minnesota
  • Pink Book supplement
  • Nominate an immunization champion!
  • Wait! Did you give the patient a VIS before vaccinating?
  • Current VISs, January 2017

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