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An immunization update from the Minnesota Department of Health.

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Got Your Shots? Special National Infant Immunization Week Edition (PDF:133KB/1 page)

  • Celebrate National Infant Immunization Week! (April 26 - May 3)
  • Take every opportunity to promote immunizations
  • Talking to vaccine-hesitant parents
  • Stories are a powerful tool

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March 2014 (PDF:42KB/1 page)

  • Alert: New immunization law changes
  • Infant death due to pertussis
  • See adolescents in your practice? This webinar is for you!
  • National Infant Immunization Week (NIIW) resources for Minnesota
  • Track shipments for MnVFC vaccine orders
  • Pentacel vaccine now available through MnVFC
  • Not too cold, not too hot. Refrigerator temps should be just right!
  • MIIC data exchange registration and pre-testing
  • Do not use Multi-Vaccine VIS until updated edition available
  • New CDC immunization Twitter account

February 2014 (PDF:320KB/1 page)

  • New year, new immunization schedules!
  • Not all vaccines are shots!
  • Need help figuring out the HPV catch-up series?
  • National Infant Immunization Week is coming!
  • Science Museum exhibit makes learning about vaccines fun
  • New immunization data now available
  • Registration open for Minnesota Adult Immunization Conference
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  • Connect with MDH on Facebook and Twitter

January 2014 (PDF:69KB/1 page)

  • Adolescent immunization postcard mailing
  • Postcard project + new immunization requirements = Opportunity!
  • Nominate an immunization champion!
  • Don't forget about VAERS
  • Vaccine shipments in frigid weather
  • MnVFC flu vaccine prebook ends today!
  • Current VISs, January 2014
  • Vaccine Information Statements are required by law

Update your fax number, agency name, and/or contact name

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