Got Your Shots? News Archives, 2013

An immunization update from the Minnesota Department of Health. Previous years available upon request.

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December 2013 (PDF:131KB/1 page)

  • HPV recall
  • New immunization assessment capabilities in MIIC
  • Meningococcal vaccines recommended for at-risk children
  • We're number one!
  • MnVFC flu vaccine still available
  • MnVFC holiday shipping schedule
  • New polio outbreaks prompt additional travel recommendations
  • Pediatricians, need to complete Maintenance of Certification for AAP?

November 2013 (PDF: 52KB/1 page)

  • Pertussis vaccination recommendation update
  • Influenza is a threat to healthy kids too
  • Minnesota Health Care Plan adult program ending
  • National Influenza Vaccination Week is Dec. 8-14, 2013
  • Vaccine Information Statements are required by law
  • MedImmune's FluMist replacement program
  • Check your MnVFC thermometer expiration dates
  • Orders and shipping schedule for upcoming holidays
  • Sanofi vaccine supply updates
  • Photo caption correction

October 2013 (PDF: 188KB/1 page)

  • VariZIG now FDA-approved
  • Immunization Award Winners
  • Order immunization posters!
  • Looking for orientation or refresher trainings?
  • Do you have extra vaccine or vaccine expiring within three months?
  • Patients have immunization questions? There's an app for that!
  • Want to get GYS News by email instead of fax?
  • Did you know MDH is on Facebook and Twitter?

September 2013 (PDF:67KB/1 page)

  • Flu Guide now available!
  • Flu vaccine FAQ: Answers to questions we've received recently
  • MnVFC ordering and paperwork delays
  • MIIC accepting HL7 2.5.1 messages; ready for Meaningful Use State 2
  • MnVFC vaccine shortages updates
  • Making the switch from ActHib
  • Got Your Shots? Immunization Conference registration closes Sept. 30! Attention: Non-MDH link
  • Rotavirus and intussesception: An update
  • Tuberculin storage

Got Your Shots? Extra: September 9, 2013 (PDF: 42KB/1 page)

  • Changes to the MHCP Adult Vaccine Program

August 2013 (PDF:74KB/1 page)

  • School nurses in Roseville increase awareness of Tdap vaccination
  • GYS Conference registration open
  • MDH flu guide coming soon
  • The proper fridge and freezer = properly stored vaccine
  • Get email alerts for updated MIIC user guides and training materials
  • Current VISs, August 2013
  • Vaccine Information Statements are required by law
  • Vaccine shortages update

July 2013 (PDF:75KB/1 page)

  • Influenza vaccine arriving soon
  • Is your fridge ready for influenza season?
  • HealthMap replacing MDH's Find a Flu Shot
  • Recognize immunization champions in Minnesota
  • 2013-14 influenza VISs now posted
  • Traveling patients? Ill patients returning from overseas?
  • MIIC tip: Reduce duplicate records
  • August is National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM)

June 2013 (PDF:50KB/1 page)

  • Protect your vaccine from severe weather
  • Stick 'em up!
  • Save the date! GYS Immunization Conference
  • Now accepting nominations for the G. Scott Giebink Award
  • Pentacel and Pediarix shortages update
  • Traveling patients? This alert is for you
  • MIIC Tip: What to do when a patient moves
  • Influenza vaccine expiring June 30
  • August is National Immunization Awareness Month

May 2013 (PDF:158KB/1 page)

  • 2013-14 influenza vaccine information
  • UUAV program applications available June 3
  • Limited availability of Pediarix and Pentacel vaccines
  • MIIC Tip: Keep your username active
  • Current VISs, May 2013
  • Vaccine Information Statements are required by law
  • MnVFC semi-annual reports due today!
  • Want to get GYS News by email instead of fax?

April 2013 (PDF:185KB/1 page)

  • Proposed changes to the School and Child Care Immunization Law
  • Limited availability of Pediarix vaccine
  • Updated meningococcal recommendations published
  • MnVFC semi-annual reports due May 31
  • MMR vaccine may be indicated for adult travelers to Europe
  • MIIC forecasting upgrade in May!
  • Tdap and pregnancy: A clarification
  • Has your clinic ordered vaccine in MIIC yet?
  • Want to get GYS News by email instead of fax?

Got Your Shots? Special National Infant Immunization Week Edition (PDF:373KB/1 page)

  • This edition includes resources for having conversations with parents and pregnant women about immunizations:
    • For first time expectant or new parents
    • Storytelling
    • Hot topics
    • Waiting room images
    • Making the CASE for vaccines

March 2013 (PDF:158KB/1 page)

  • Immunization billboards and bus ads
  • New PCV13 recommendation
  • Storage and handling: Thermometer probe placement
  • National Infant Immunization Week is coming!
  • MIIC Tip: Order new MIIC print materials
  • Got Your Shots Immunization Conference: Save the date!
  • MN Coalition for Adult Immunization Conference
  • Go green: Get GYS News via email

February 2013 (PDF:203KB/1 page)

  • 2013 childhood and adult immunization schedules
  • Tdap at every pregnancy
  • HPV uptake
  • MIIC Tip: Compare childhood immunization rates
  • Nominate an Immunization Champion!
  • MnVFC flu vaccine pre-book: Feb. 19 - March 1
  • Storage and handling: Continuous temperature monitoring
  • Vaccine ordering in MIIC reminder

Got Your Shots? Special Edition February 2013 (PDF:232KB/1 page)

  • Childhood Immunization Champion Award Call for Nominations

Got Your Shots? Special Edition January 2013 (PDF:124KB/1 page)

  • Influenza vaccine exchange forum for privately-purchased vaccine

January 2013 (PDF:200KB/1 page)

  • MDH vaccine ordering in MIIC
  • Thank you to Dr. Dawn Martin!
  • 2013 Immunization schedules
  • VAERS reminder
  • Flu FAQ
  • Current VISs, January 2013
  • Vaccine Information Statements are required by law
  • MIIC Tip: Document all flu vaccinations in MIIC
  • Go green: Get GYS News via email



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