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Got Your Shots? News Archives, 2014

An immunization update from the Minnesota Department of Health. Previous years available upon request.

GYS News from:


December 2014 (PDF: 37KB/1 page)

  • Flu update
  • MnVFC and UUAV flu vaccine still available
  • Where are your immunization rates lagging?
  • Promoting safe injection practices with the One & Only Campaign
  • Reminder: Report all suspect, probable, or confirmed varicella cases
  • New MnVFC requirement: Get your back-up thermometer
  • Adolescent immunization postcard mailing
  • Adults age 65 and older need PCV13 and PPSV23
  • Report adverse events to VAERS

November 2014 (PDF:228KB/1 page)

  • Join us for a chat during National Influenza Vaccination Week (NIVW)
  • FluMist effectiveness last flu season
  • Congratulations to the 2014 Immunization Award winners!
  • Immunization billboard and bus ads
  • Bring the billboard/bus ad messages to your clinic!
  • Vaccine updates: meningococcal and influenza
  • MnVFC updates: FluMist replacement, reports due, holiday holds

October 2014 (PDF: 64KB/1 page)

  • Vaccination coverage among kindergarteners
  • Do you have extra vaccine or vaccine expiring within three months?
  • Pharmacists can use MIIC to report immunizations
  • Get ready for National Influenza Vaccination Week!
  • Adult immunization strategies for health departments
  • Current VISs, October 2014
  • Vaccine Information Statements are required by law
  • The multi-vaccine VIS is back

September 2014 (PDF: 103KB/1 page)

  • Got Your Shots Conference early bird registration rate ends Sept. 30
  • Are your clinic's seventh graders up-to-date?
  • Schedule for final doses of polio and DTaP
  • MnVFC flu vaccine distribution
  • Is your hospital or nursing home FluSafe?
  • Which vaccines are due? MIIC can help
  • CME/CEU webcast on adolescent immunization
  • Want to get GYS News by email instead of fax?
  • Connect with MDH on Facebook and Twitter

August 2014 (PDF: 42KB/1 page)

  • All things flu!
  • MnVFC flu vaccine shipment delays
  • Comvax being discontinued
  • PCV13 now recommended for seniors
  • School immunization data now online
  • Changes to the Minnesota immunization law take effect Sept. 1
  • Got Your Shots? Conference registration open!
  • Reminder: Varicella detection and reporting
  • Don't confuse varicella with hand, foot, and mouth disease
  • Two units are better than one - for properly storing vaccine
  • Don't forget about VAERS
  • Upcoming webinars

July 2014 (PDF: 65KB/1 page)

  • Are your clinic's seventh graders ready for school?
  • Think about measles or polio in returning overseas travelers
  • LAIV for children: What's new?
  • New video series shows how to talk about HPV vaccine
  • MnVFC flu vaccine coming soon
  • Current VISs, July 2014
  • Vaccine Information Statements are required by law
  • Immunization being featured at the MDH state fair booth!
  • Giebink award nomination deadline approaching

June 2014 (PDF: 38KB/1 page)

  • Cases of measles and mumps prompts concern
    • Diagnosis and reporting
    • Make sure travelers are vaccinated
  • Vaccine storage and handling refresher
  • Returning MnVFC influenza vaccine expiring June 30
  • 4 ways to help patients get ready for new immunization requirements
  • Who can receive adult vaccine ordered from MDH?
  • Need meaningful use documentation for attestation or audit?
  • Adolescent immunization reminder phone calls

May 2014 (PDF: 93KB/1 page)

  • Immunization law in detail: Hepatitis A requirement
  • Keep certificates of calibration for MnVFC thermometers
  • Looking to start or enhance an electronic data exchange with MIIC?
  • Asthma Awareness Month
  • Save the date! 2014 Got Your Shots Conference Oct. 27-28
  • G. Scott Giebink award nominations now open
  • Vax4teens campaign materials now available!
  • Got an immunization schedule question? There's an app for that!
  • Get GYS News by email instead of fax!

April 2014 (PDF: 67KB/1 page)

  • School immunization law in detail: meningococcal requirement
  • Adolescent vaccine lecture series
  • Mark of Excellence program ending
  • Don't forget about VAERS
  • Current VISs, April 2014
  • Vaccine Information Statements are required by law
  • National Infant Immunization Week (NIIW) is next week!
  • Go green: Get GYS News via email

Got Your Shots? Special National Infant Immunization Week Edition (PDF:133KB/1 page)

  • Celebrate National Infant Immunization Week! (April 26 - May 3)
  • Take every opportunity to promote immunizations
  • Talking to vaccine-hesitant parents
  • Stories are a powerful tool

March 2014 (PDF:42KB/1 page)

  • Alert: New immunization law changes
  • Infant death due to pertussis
  • See adolescents in your practice? This webinar is for you!
  • National Infant Immunization Week (NIIW) resources for Minnesota
  • Track shipments for MnVFC vaccine orders
  • Pentacel vaccine now available through MnVFC
  • Not too cold, not too hot. Refrigerator temps should be just right!
  • MIIC data exchange registration and pre-testing
  • Do not use Multi-Vaccine VIS until updated edition available
  • New CDC immunization Twitter account

February 2014 (PDF:320KB/1 page)

  • New year, new immunization schedules!
  • Not all vaccines are shots!
  • Need help figuring out the HPV catch-up series?
  • National Infant Immunization Week is coming!
  • Science Museum exhibit makes learning about vaccines fun
  • New immunization data now available
  • Registration open for Minnesota Adult Immunization Conference
  • Go green: Get GYS News via email
  • Connect with MDH on Facebook and Twitter

January 2014 (PDF:69KB/1 page)

  • Adolescent immunization postcard mailing
  • Postcard project + new immunization requirements = Opportunity!
  • Nominate an immunization champion!
  • Don't forget about VAERS
  • Vaccine shipments in frigid weather
  • MnVFC flu vaccine prebook ends today!
  • Current VISs, January 2014
  • Vaccine Information Statements are required by law



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