Pandemic Influenza Newsletter

Get Informed ... Be Prepared. A newsletter for Minnesota organizations preparing for a possible influenza pandemic.


January/February 2008: Volume 3, Number 1 (PDF: 110KB/4 pages)

  • Focus on pandemic planning efforts
  • Item of note regarding the new publication schedule of this newsletter
  • Minnesota Pandemic Ethics Project Update
  • School Pandemic Influenza Planning Update
  • MDH Pandemic Plans Consider Care of the Deceased
  • Pre-pandemic influenza vaccination exercise
  • Ethics in the Worse of Times: Rationing to Protect the Public's Health During an Influenza Pandemic
  • Emergency Communications Toolkit
  • Flu Wiki on Pandemic Preparedness
  • Vaccine prioritization website
  • Pandemic Flu Digest
  • The Last Word… Historical Information on The Great Pandemic, US DHHS, Office of the Public Health Service


November/December 2007: Volume 2, Number 11 (PDF: 105KB/4 pages)

  • Focus on local planning efforts
  • Item of note regarding the new publication schedule of this newsletter
  • Draft guidance on allocating and targeting pandemic influenza vaccine
  • "Good Idea" from Carver County Public Health
  • Olmsted County school tabletop exercise
  • HealthPartners pandemic drill experience
  • AHRQ issues guide on adapting call centers in emergencies
  • Pandemic Flu Digest
  • The Last Word… Humorous skit brings audience participation to personal and family preparedness

October 2007: Volume 2, Number 10 (PDF: 105KB/4 pages)

  • Pandemic Influenza Newsletter marks one year anniversary
  • Institute of Medicine (IOM) calls for new research on PPE for pandemic
  • Report finds pandemic plans need greater focus on children
  • Pandemic influenza funding update
  • Peer-reviewed online database showcases local, county and state pandemic planning
  • Pandemic Influenza in Pediatrics: Justice, Scarce Resources, and Tough Decisions (The 2007 Westgate Pediatric Ethics Forum)
  • Exercise Winter Willow:  lessons identified
  • Pandemic Flu Digest
  • The Last Word… A unique Promising Practice from the Colorado Department of Public Health

September 2007: Volume 2, Number 9 (PDF: 135KB/4 pages)

  • GAO finds gaps in federal pandemic planning
  • The Call to Care: Faith Communities and Emergency Preparedness—An All Persons Approach Conference Update
  • WHO releases World Health Report 2007: Warns diseases spreading faster than ever
  • Redefining Readiness: New community engagement practices and tools for pandemic and all-hazards planning
  • Pandemic Influenza Update: Ethics
  • 2nd Annual "End-to-End Preparedness for Pandemic Influenza Conference" Washington, DC, Oct. 29-31, 2007
  • Working together – Minnesota planning for an influenza pandemic
  • Pandemic Flu Digest
  • The Last Word…Can video games help us fight a global pandemic?

August 2007: Volume 2, Number 8 (PDF: 113KB/4 pages)

  • September is a great time for pandemic flu preparedness
  • Minnesota’s pan flu plan reviewed by CDC: High quality results
  • Scientists target future pandemic strains of H5N1
  • Non-pharmaceutical Interventions (NPIs): Lessons from the 1918-1919 pandemic
  • Pandemic Influenza Update: Ethics
  • Study finds people likely to take precautionary actions to cut risk during a pandemic
  • Pharmacy organizations create guide to prepare for pandemics
  • Mass Dispensing: A Primer for Community Leaders
  • New Advanced Practice Center (APC) Resource: Avian and Pandemic Influenza Presentation Template
  • “Good Idea” from Wright County and the Central Region
  • Pandemic Flu Digest
  • The Last Word…

July 2007: Volume 2, Number 7 (PDF: 108KB/4 pages)

  • Minnesota Pandemic Ethics Project Underway
  • White House releases report on pandemic planning status
  • The Call to Care: Faith Communities and Emergency Preparedness – An All Persons Approach Conference
  • FAQs about community strategies—non-pharmaceutical interventions (isolation and quarantine)
  • Community Strategies That May Delay or Reduce the Impact of a Pandemic: Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions (NPIs) An Orientation for County Commissioners and Other Elected Officials (FAQs posted) 
  • ThreatPREP:  a new planning resource available from the National Association of County & City Health Officials (NACCHO)
  • Minnesota SNS Pandemic Influenza Antiviral Distribution Tabletop Exercise
  • Pandemic flu exercise for US financial services sector to be held this fall
  • Pandemic Flu Digest
  • The Last Word…

June 2007: Volume 2, Number 6 (PDF: 131KB/4 pages)

  • Minnesota Pandemic Ethics Project
  • codeReady Continues its Success!
  • FAQs about community strategies—non-pharmaceutical interventions
  • Community Strategies That May Delay or Reduce the Impact of a Pandemic:Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions (NPIs) An Orientation for County Commissioners and Other Elected Officials 
  • Pandemic Influenza Information for First Responders: The Basics
  • National Pandemic Influenza Exercise
  • Pandemic Flu Digest
  • Clothing created to block flu and colds

May 2007: Volume 2, Number 5 (PDF: 127KB/4 pages)

  • Minnesota is codeReady!
  • New advice from CDC for use of facemasks and respirators in public settings during a flu pandemic
  • codeReady off to an impressive start
  • Key points from the CDC news release
  • FDA lists two respirators (N95 masks) as offering disease protection
  • Answers to your codeReady questions
  • Community Strategies That May Delay or Reduce the Impact of a Pandemic: Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions (NPI) An Orientation for County Commissioners
  • New online H5N1 readiness course
  • U of M Public Health Institute 2007
  • Pandemic Influenza: Preparedness for Schools (originally broadcast May 17, 2007)
  • Pandemic Flu Digest
  • The Last Word…

April 2007: Volume 2, Number 4 (PDF: 115KB/4 pages)

  • FDA approves first human H5N1 vaccine
  • MDH releases pandemic influenza supplement on non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPI)
  • Pandemic planners urged to seek community input
  • U of M chosen as pandemic influenza research center
  • 1918 pandemic analyses may explain why some cities fared better than others
  • Anticipating the launch of codeReady statewide preparedness campaign
  • “Good Idea” from St. Paul-Ramsey County Public Health: Community Tool Kit – Preparing for an influenza pandemic
  • K-12 school closing exercise after action report / improvement plan
  • Hear Peter M. Sandman, PhD, speak May 8th
  • Emergency Readiness Rounds, May 9th
  • Pandemic Influenza: Preparedness for Schools – May 17th, 11:00 am – 12:30 pm CT
  • Pandemic Flu Digest
  • The Last Word…

March 2007: Volume 2, Number 3 (PDF: 96KB/4 pages)

  • 1918 pandemic flu virus gene completely sequenced, but mysteries about its origins, ferocity remain
  • CDC issues "Ethical Guidelines in Pandemic Influenza" for comment
  • Demographic trends will influence pandemic influenza planning priorities
  • Governor's budget proposal for pandemic flu is $19 million in biennium
  • APHA releases blueprint to strengthen pandemic flu preparedness
  • MPCA developing guidelines on bird disposal in avian flu outbreak
  • On track for a May launch of codeReady statewide preparedness campaign
  • K-12 school closing exercise CD-ROM distributed to partners
  • Process to recommend procedures for allocating scarce resources underway
  • MDH Pandemic Influenza Annual Progress Update is available online
  • Rats! Could Rodents Transmit H5N1 from Wild to Farm Flocks?

February 2007: Volume 2, Number 2 (PDF: 231KB/4 pages)

  • Ferreting out answers: Science publishes theory on how virus mutates from avian to human-to-human flu
  • CDC Issues Interim Guidance on Community Disease Containment for Pandemic Influenza Planning
  • Battle of Britain: Suffolk Turkey Farm is Site of Avian Flu Outbreak
  • Fear Factor: Seasonal Flu Fatalities in Minnesota Light up the MDH Info Line
  • OSHA Releases New Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for a Pandemic
  • Cross Border Infectious Disease Conferences Planned for Late March
  • Are You codeReady for a Minnesota Public Preparedness Campaign?
  • K-12 School Closing Exercise Challenged Participants, Forged Partnerships
  • State Plans for Community Disease Containment, Antiviral/Vaccines due to CDC March 15
  • MDH Pandemic Influenza Annual Progress Update to Be Completed in mid-March
  • ECHO Relays Flu Info to LEP Populations

January 2007: Volume 2, Number 1 (PDF: 110KB/4 pages)

  • DNR avian flu monitoring gives state’s wild flocks a clean bill of health
  • CDC awards $11.4 million to develop rapid diagnostic tests for avian flu
  • HSEM introduces Minnesota Response Phases in new Pandemic Planner
  • Are Minnesotans ready for a pandemic? Public opinion survey shows state of personal, family emergency preparedness
  • DHS compiles follow-up on regional pandemic flu workshops for LEP populations


December 2006: Volume 1, Number 3 (PDF: 70KB/4 pages)

  • Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Act signed into law
  • State receives federal pandemic flu funding from CDC; contracts out to local public health and tribes
  • ‘10-point Framework’ prepares businesses for pandemic flu
  • HSEM Avian and Pandemic Influenza Regional Business Symposiums
  • DHHS releases tabletop exercises for local health pandemic flu preparedness
  • PIPP course available free to partners
  • StoneArch Creative will tackle emergency preparedness for HSEM and MDH public information campaign in the New Year
  • In process, an improved Workspace for local public health partners
  • Interstate cooperation, adjusted standards of care just two of the common themes from regional meetings with local partners
  • Find good ideas from local partners here, on the Workspace, and soon from LPHA
  • Workgroups on Community Disease Containment, Ethics and Exercises focus on practical planning
  • Good Idea! Regional and Local Pandemic Flu Planning Efforts
  • The Last Word…

November 2006: Volume 1, Number 2 (PDF: 280KB/6 pages)

  • Guests, good cooking, and clean drinking water at this party
  • Feds extend deadlines for state community disease containment, antiviral distribution plans to Feb. 1st
  • MCHCE makes recommendations on vaccine distribution during a pandemic flu
  • Pandemic flu – legally speaking
  • HSEM Local Jurisdiction Service Continuation Planning Guide is online
  • Burnsville emergency preparedness group dishes up Recipes for a Disaster
  • Tamiflu and children: new FDA labeling
  • Informal survey provides a local public health and emergency management perspective on readiness among Minnesota citizens
  • Campaign Steering Team will make ‘firm’ decision on contractor by end of November
  • Satellite learning gives you access to national figures in pandemic flu planning
  • U of M Center for Public Health Preparedness has training modules on mass dispensing
  • ‘Good ideas’ from local partners rolling in
  • Pandemic Flu Digest
  • The Last Word…
  • Special Report: Environmental health aspects of pandemic flu planning

October 2006: Volume 1, Number 1 (PDF: 99KB/4 pages)

  • Businesses express concern, show leadership at Pandemic Summit
  • Persuading the public to prepare for emergencies will challenge MDH, HSEM
  • Pandemic flu CD available to partners
  • Speakers’ Bureau for pandemic flu
  • DHS pandemic flu workshops for groups working with LEP populations
  • MERET ‘train the trainer’ public preparedness workshops
  • UMNCPHP materials build skills in public health preparedness
  • Governor’s pan flu exercise Sept. 27
  • Planning Team taking show on the road
  • Looking for great ideas from regional, local partners on pan flu preparedness
  • MDH’s Pandemic Flu Plan moves into action
  • Keeping in touch in the rapidly changing world of pandemic flu
  • Pandemic Flu Digest
  • Target ad in Star Tribune suggests ‘Let’s Make a Plan of Action’


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