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These monthly presentations began in 2008 as a way to highlight Minnesota's growing diversity. They are intended for MDH and other state employees, and are brought to you by the MDH Refugee and International Health Program. For more information or to be added to the meeting invitation list, please call 651-201-5414 and ask for someone from the Refugee and International Health Program. You may also order a DVD of past Go Global presentations.

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2015 Presentations
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Mark Your Calendars!

Topics for upcoming presentations will be announced closer to the meeting date through the listserv and MDH internal announcements.


Minnesota Department of Health, Freeman Building
Room B107
625 N. Robert Street, St. Paul, MN 55164

Directions to the Minnesota Department of Health location at Freeman Building

Due to popular demand, brown bags are also videoconferenced to MDH District Offices statewide based on request and availability.

Brown Bags will be held from 12-1 p.m.* in Room B107 and usually on the second Tuesday of the month.

2015 Presentations

The content of presentations and handouts that follow (including the photos) are solely the responsibility of the speaker/presenter, not the Minnesota Department of Health.

November 24, 2015: The European Refugee Crisis

  • Video
    Without a Home: The European Refugee Crisis

    The November Go Global featured an exclusive documentary by independent filmmakers, Ahlulbayt: Documentaries, filmed on the ground at the Hungarian/Serbian border. A group of British Iraqis, themselves coming from a refugee background, travel to the borders of Serbia with aid and donations to provide to refugees who risking all for new lives in Western Europe.

September 8, 2015: Hepatitis B: The Overlooked Problem

  • Presentation
    Hepatitis B: The Overlooked Problem (PDF)
    Dr. Douglas Pryce, Hennepin County Medical Center Internal Medicine and associate professor and clinical scholar at the University of Minnesota Medical School, and Sunny Chanthanouvong, executive director of the Lao Assistance Center of Minnesota, presented on culturally responsive practices for engaging foreign-born communities on hepatitis B prevention and management.

August 11, 2015: Race, Racism and Health Equity

  • Presentation
    Race, Racism and Health Equity (PDF)
    The August Go Global featured Stephen Nelson, MD, director of the Hemoglobinopathy Program and co-director of the Vascular Anomalies Center with Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota. Dr. Nelson explored the many factors that play a role in racial health care disparities.

June 16, 2015: Resources to Help Reach Diverse Populations

  • Presentation
    The Exchange
    Patricia Ohmans, MPH shared how to join and use the Multilingual Health Resources Exchange, an online resource for health care professionals working with patients across diverse languages and cultures. The Exchange archive of materials contains nearly 4,000 downloadable items in the 17 languages spoken most in Minnesota. Attention: Non-MDH link.
  • Presentation
    Culture Care Connection (PDF)

    Mary Beth Dahl, program manager with Stratis Health, presented on the Culture Care Connection website and Stratis Health’s work in health equity and health care quality. The website is an online learning and resource center aimed at supporting health care providers, staff, and administrators in their efforts to provide culturally-competent care in Minnesota.

May 12, 2015: Speaking for Ourselves

  • Presentation

    Denise Hanh Huynh and Nicole MartinRogers of Wilder Research presented on the Speaking for Ourselves study, which focuses on Hmong, Karen, Latino, Liberian, and Somali immigrants and refugees as well as the adult U.S. born children of immigrants and refugees living in Hennepin and Ramsey counties. The study explores these communities’ experiences with employment, education, health care (including behavioral and mental health), housing and economic development, aging, safety and public health, resettlement, and social engagement.

April 14, 2015: Well-Founded Fear

  • Video
    Well-Founded Fear, a PBS documentary, gives a behind-the-scenes look at the process happening daily in Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) offices, as agents decide whether to grant political asylum to immigrants based on a demonstration of "well-founded fear". Attention: Non-MDH link.

March 10, 2015: The Split Horn: Life of a Hmong Shaman in America

  • Video
    The March brown bag featured a screening of the PBS documentary The Split Horn: Life of a Hmong Shaman in America. The film chronicles the 17-year journey of a Hmong shaman and his family who struggle to maintain their ancient traditions while embracing American culture.

February 10, 2015: Refugee 101

  • Presentation
    Refugee (Health) 101 in Minnesota (PDF)

    Blain Mamo, refugee health coordinator for the Refugee and International Health Program, and Kailey Nelson, epidemiologist in the Refugee and International Health Program, shared information about refugees and their resettlement in Minnesota. The presentation covered key refugee terms and concepts, the resettlement process, numbers of incoming refugees and countries of origin, and data from health screenings.

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