Information Technology at MDH

A Practical Service Oriented Architecture

The Information Technology Coordinating Committee’s MDH Architecture Project Team analyzed the department’s strategic plans and major initiatives for information technology implications. We developed a list of requirements and drivers that are pushing on the department, and we analyzed the current department’s infrastructure to see how well it could meet our needs. The project team proposes that MDH move toward improved efficiency of information technology operations, better availability of our systems and an architecture based on component services that can be reused and shared. We describe this careful evolution as a practical service oriented architecture. This proposal is based on the strategic direction of the department and on the need for increased flexibility to meet the changing needs of health information technology. It will also lead to more efficient use of our information technology assets by reducing redundant development and sharing expensive software components.

This architecture will require increased standardization, well considered and deployed continuity of operations plans, new security policies, and changes in our approach to department applications. An architecture review board will be an important entity to over-see service oriented policies and development.

A Practical Service Oriented Architecture - Executive Summary (PDF: 172KB/10 pages)

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