MEDSS Training: Introduction - Minnesota Dept. of Health

MEDSS Training Module: Introduction

MEDSS is an electronic disease surveillance system that allows public health officials in Minnesota to receive, manage, process, and analyze disease-related data. It is the system MDH will use to report communicable diseases to CDC and follow up on state investigations. MEDSS will also be used by several groups as a surveillance tool.

This training website will demonstrate how to use MEDSS to:

  • Create and search for events
  • Enter event data into question packages
  • Modify person information
  • Link events together
  • Find events in workflows
  • Create and edit tasks
  • Share events
  • Electronic Lab Reporting
  • Printing and Reports

This training is intended for current and future users of MEDSS: MDH staff, Local Public Health, ICPs and other disease investigators around Minnesota. Follow the chapter links in the left navigation or on the bottom of each page to advance the training.


Not all functions will be explained in this online MEDSS training module. For more information see MEDSS Training Resources

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