Chapter Three: Entering Event Specific Data: MEDSS Training - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Chapter Three: Entering Event Specific Data

Event specific data is entered into various question packages and can only be accessed by those users with permission to view that disease event. A Question Package (QP) is a series of questions that carry the same theme. For example the Demographic question package contains questions about a patient’s residence and race/ethnicity while the Clinical and Lab Interpretations question package will have questions about the providers the patient has seen. Available question packages depend on the disease selected for the event. Some diseases might also have data entry wizards available which combine several data fields from the QPs onto one form for easier data entry. More information on entering data is in Chapter 5 of the MEDSS user guide.

To access the QPs and enter disease data, follow the steps below:

  1. On the dashboard, the Question Packages are located in the Event Data tab in the event Information section on the dashboard.

  2. To open a QP, double click the name or click on View Question Package after highlighing the QP.

  3. Data is entered differently according to disease and what type of field it is.

  4. Click Save when finished adding information. Save and Cancel buttons are located at the bottom of every page or in the header that moves when you scroll. Once saved, this action closes the question package screen and reopens MEDSS Dashboard.

Video on the dashboard and how to enter disease specific data in MEDSS

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