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Chapter Four: Modifying Person Information

MEDSS stores a Master Patient Index in the database, which means that even after events are closed, the person associated with the event exists as an entry in the database. This is important for two reasons. First, when creating new events, users need to search the system for that person to avoid adding duplicate people to the database. Second, when updating person information, users must go to a central location shared by all disease groups.

Some person information is entered in the persons tab whereas other information will be stored in the demographic question package. The information that is entered in the persons tab applies to all events for the person. The information in the demographic question package is not necessarily the same across all events.

To modify person information stored in the persons tab, follow the steps below:

  1. Open an event on the dashboard. Click on the Persons Tab.

  2. person tab
  3. Click the Edit Person button to make changes to nearly all basic information about the person. When finished entering data, remember to save.

  4. To add an address, click the Address Information tab and click on Add Address.

  5. add address
  6. The Edit Person screen will appear where the user can enter an address type and enter in the address information. The user is only able to enter one of each type of address for the person. When entering in address information, make sure to follow US Postal formatting. When finished, remember to save.

  7. edit address
  8. When adding, editing or removing addresses, a record of these changes will be stored in the address history located under the Address Information tab.

  9. address history
  10. Additional tabs are located under the person tab to add a person link or a person note. Any changes under the person tab can be viewed by other MEDSS users when they create an event for the same person.

Video on how to modify person information in MEDSS

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