Chapter Seven: Adding and Editing Tasks: MEDSS Training - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Chapter Seven: Adding and Editing Tasks

A task within MEDSS is a technique for users to delegate assignments or work to others. There are two different types of tasks in the system: event assignments or action tasks (both associated with an event and non-event specific). There are multiple places in the system where tasks can be created and each method is explained in more detail in Chapter 8 of the MEDSS training guide (PDF 4.1MB/148 pgs).

Follow the steps below for adding an event specific task from the dashboard:

  1. With an event open on the dashboard, click on the Task Tab.

  2. tasks
  3. Click on Add Task.

  4. tasks
  5. A new screen appears where a user can define the task. The required fields are the type of task and the assignee. An assignment type means assigning an entire event to an individual, but the other types designate an action task.

  6. tasks
  7. Click Save when finished. The assignee or group will receive an email notification of the new event specific task. The task will appear in that user's "My Open Tasks" workflow.

Follow the steps below to edit a task:

  1. On the dashboard for the event, highlight the task under the task tab and click on Update Task.

  2. tasks
  3. This opens the Edit Task window. Edit the task by changing the status or entering a start date. When finished, click Save.

  4. tasks
  5. task iconThe other option to edit tasks is to click on the task icon in the toolbar.

  6. A new screen opens with the tasks associated with the open event on the top and all the tasks assigned to the current user on the bottom. Click on Edit in the right action column to open the Edit Task window (image seen above).

Video on how to add and edit event specific tasks

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