2014 Reports to the Legislature - Minnesota Dept. of Health

2014 Reports to the Legislature

The following are reports submitted to the Legislature in 2014.

A Qualitative Study of Families of Children with Autism in the Somali Community: Comparing the Experiences of Immigrant Groups (PDF: 480KB/73 pages)

Advancing Health Equity in Minnesota: Report to the Legislature (PDF: 2MB/130 pages)

Annual Quality Improvement Report on the Nursing Home Survey Process (PDF: 350KB/38 pages)

Community Clinic Grant Program (PDF: 489KB/13 pages)

Early Impacts of Dental Therapists in Minnesota (PDF: 512KB/42 pages)

Evaluation of Health Care Homes: 2010-2012 (PDF: 1.8MB/155 pages)

Evaluation of the Quality of Care and Outcomes for Services Provided in Licensed Birth Centers (PDF:1.6MB/36 pages)

Family Home Visiting Program (PDF: 625KB/51 pages)

Health Care Homes: Annual Report on Implementation (PDF: 1MB/55 pages)

Integrated Licensure Background and Recommendations (PDF: 267KB/18 pages)

Maltreatment Report: Vulnerable Adults in Minnesota Health Care Facilities (PDF: 155KB/18 pages) - Feb. 2014

Maltreatment Report: Vulnerable Adults in Minnesota Health Care Facilities (PDF: 160KB/18 pages) - July 2014

Medical Education & Research Cost (MERC) Grant Distribution (PDF: 281KB/13 pages)

Minnesota e-Health Initiative (PDF: 2MB/63 pages)

Minnesota Health Care Spending and Projections, 2012 (PDF: 724KB/38 pages)

Newborn Screening Program Study On Comprehensive and Sustainable Long-Term Storage and Use (PDF: 51 pages/684KB)

Options for Public Health Surveillance for Autism Spectrum Disorder (PDF: 552KB/65 pages)

Specimens, Registries, and Health Data and Databases (PDF: 455KB/12 pages)

Statewide Health Improvement Program (PDF: 574KB/75 pages)

Study of Capital Reserve Limits in Minnesota (PDF: 2.65MB/210 pages)

Trauma System Report FY2012 (PDF: 429KB/29 pages)


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