Capacity Development

Office of Performance Improvement

Because local public health is an essential partner to MDH in carrying out public heath responsibilities, OPI provides support to and coordination with Minnesota's city, county, and multi-county community health boards. OPI also works to leverage private and non-profit sector resources for improving the public's health. The entire population of the state is served by this activity. The Office of Performance Improvement and the Public Health Nurse Consultants:

  • assists local health directors with issues such as organizational structure, board relationships, recruitment, hiring, and mentoring staff;
  • improves public health nursing practice through policy and workforce development, training, and collaboration with schools of nursing;
  • links local agency staff with sources of specialized expertise at MDH;
  • orients new local staff and elected officials; and
  • supports innovation and leadership development at the local level.

Training, Webinars, Technical Assistance, and Consultation

Icon Training & Webinars
Learn about future OPI training opportunities, and view current and past webinars, presentations, and online modules.
Icon Public Health Nurse Consultants
Public Health Nurse Consultants (PHNCs), members of the Office of Performance Improvement, offer consultation and technical assistance in a defined geographic area for the purpose of promoting and maintaining a strong public health infrastructure.

Collaboratives and Groups

Icon Minnesota Shared Services Learning Collaborative
The Minnesota Shared Services Learning Collaborative (MN SSLC) provides a venue for learning about and discussing cross-jurisdictional sharing. Twelve projects around the state, along with the "Minnesota Mini-Collaborative," will collectively share strategies and accomplishments.

Special Projects and Resources

Icon Accreditation
This site provides guidance to local and tribal health departments seeking accreditation, as well as information on the state department's accreditation process. National public health accreditation aims to improve and protect the health of the public by advancing the quality and performance of state, tribal, and local health departments.
Icon Community Engagement
Engaging community members in problem-solving solutions to issues that affect them is one of the fundamental principles of public health. The most effective way to achieve public health goals, especially the elimination of disparities in health status, is to actively engage those experiencing the problems in every aspect of addressing them.
Icon Pathways to a Public Health Career
This site provides basic information about the field of public health, including information on education, job opportunities, and stories from practicing public health professionals.
Icon Minnesota's Public Health Workforce
OPI serves as a focal point for issues related to public health practice, including participating in state and national discussions of performance standards, public health competencies, and the ten essential public health services. Learn more about the state's public health workforce here.