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Public Health Interventions ("Wheel Manual")

Public Health Nurse Consultants (PHNCs), members of the Public Health Practice Section, offer consultation and technical assistance in a defined geographic area for the purpose of promoting and maintaining a strong public health infrastructure. This is accomplished through supportive relationships with local public health, communication, problem solving, training, program development and advocacy.

PHNCs primarily serve staff who provide public health services for a city, county or tribal government. This may include public health directors, community health administrators, public health nurses, public health supervisors, school nurses, governing boards, and tribal health directors. PHNCs also provide consultation and coordination to regional groups, other MDH staff, special topic workgroups, nursing school faculty and staff from other state agencies.

Find your Public Health Nurse ConsultantFind Your Public Health Nurse Consultant

If you'd like to contact the PHNC for your region, visit Who is My Public Health Nurse Consultant? or contact the MDH Public Health Practice Section.

Public Health Nursing Practice Council

The Public Health Nursing Practice Council (or PHN Practice Council) is a collaborative effort between local health department PHN experts and MDH PHN Consultants, which addresses nursing practice issues collectively and systematically in order to develop recommended PHN practice guidelines and tools for PHNs to reference and utilize within PHN practice.

For updates on the PHN Practice Council, subscribe to the PHN Practice Council Email List.

PHN Practice Council Publications

Public Health Interventions ("Wheel Manual")

To read, download, or order copies of what's commonly called the "Wheel Manual," visit: Public Health Interventions: Applications for Nursing Practice.