Minnesota Shared Services Learning Collaborative


Minnesota is one of 16 recipients of a two-year grant (January 2013- January 2015), from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Center for Sharing Public Health Services, designed to help health departments explore how cross jurisdictional sharing might better equip them to fulfill their mission of protecting and promoting the health of communities served. Cross-jurisdictional sharing (CJS) enables health departments to share programs, services, and resources across the jurisdictions they serve. The projects funded around the country are aimed at helping health departments and policy makers test the potential of CJS to expand the quality and availability of services while also improving efficiency.

The national Shared Services Learning Community will emphasize collaboration between public health leaders and policy makers; grantees will receive customized technical assistance and access to national and regional experts on topics relevant to their local CJS efforts. These topics may include financial or legal analysis, operations and management, quality improvement, community engagement, communications and evaluation.

Minnesota SSLC Project

The Minnesota Shared Services Learning Collaborative (MN SSLC) will provide a regular venue to bring together public health leaders in our state to learn from each other about CJS; to disseminate information from the national collaborative broadly throughout our state; to provide support and assistance for local CJS activities that are already in process; and to develop tools to promote and support future CJS activities in Minnesota. This work will be accomplished through 11 local CJS projects and through the “Minnesota Mini-Collaborative.” The Minnesota mini-collaborative will meet quarterly, bringing together representatives of all 11 Minnesota projects to share their leanings, and accomplishments.