Minnesota Shared Services Learning Collaborative

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Learn about the national project and partners, and find links to a number of CJS resources.

Tools & Templates

Icon MN SSLC Summary (PDF: 70KB / 2 page)
A summary of the Minnesota system-wide project.
Icon MN SSLC Grant Proposal (PDF: 95KB / 17 pages)
The final grant application narrative submitted to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in November 2012.
Icon Project Charter Templates
Short Template (DOC: 23KB / 2 pages)
Long Template (DOC: 25KB / 3 pages)
This foundational project management tool helps teams think through all major project phases and components, to ensure clear communication and project success. Recommended for all MN SSLC local grant projects. The 'short' version of this tool has been used and adapted from the 'long' version, by the MDH Office of Performance Improvement.
Icon Project Status Template (DOC: 24KB / 1 page)
This companion tool to the project charter can help teams monitor and communicate their progress. It is recommended for all MN SSLC local grant projects. This tool has been used and adapted by the MDH Office of Performance Improvement.
Icon Engaging Stakeholders (DOC: 27KB / 3 pages)
This document discusses why it is important to engage stakeholders, and includes worksheets that will lead staff through the identification process and subsequent conversations with stakeholders.
Icon Communications Plan (XLS: 25KB / 2 tabs)
This tool helps guide and prioritize frequency and methods of communicating with project stakeholders.
Icon Risk Register (XLS: 25KB / 2 tabs)
This tool is helpful in summarizing and planning responses for risks that need to be monitored throughout project implementation.
Icon Team Checklist (XLS: 12KB / 1 tab)
Teams go through stages of forming, storming, norming, and performing. This tool can help a team identifiy its stage of development. This tool was developed by NACCHO.
Icon Project Scope Statement (DOC: 315KB / 3 pages)
This tool describes the intended results of a project, and the terms and conditions under which the project will be performed. If completed and regularly consulted, it should help prevent the growth of a project—"scope creep"—beyond what was originally intended.
Icon Project Management Plan (DOC: 314KB / 2 pages)
This tool is similar to the Project Charter, but provides additional details regarding how the project will be executed, managed, and controlled.
Icon Quality Planning Tools (PDF: 35KB / 1 page)
This collection of tools can assist with quality planning.
Icon Quality Planning Project Steps (PDF: 91KB / 1 page)
This outline of quality planning steps wsa originally developed by Tacoma-Pierce Health Department, and was adapted by the MDH Office of Performance Improvement.
Icon MDH Quality Improvement Toolbox
Provides over 40 QI tools and printable guides for assessing a situation, making a decision, implementing a program, and evaluating a program. Developing SMART aim statements and storyboards are included here.
Icon Legal Templates
Sample Contract: Sharing Employees (DOC: 27KB / 4 pages)
This sample contract was originally developed and used by the counties of Otter Tail, Clay, Wilkin, and Becker in Minnesota. This template is not a substitute for seeking appropriate legal advice for your jurisdiction.

Reports, Presentations, Videos

Image 2013 Community Health Conference: Doing Business through Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing (PDF: 1.36MB / 17 slides)
  2013 Community Health Conference: Minnesota Shared Services Learning Collaborative (PDF: 259KB / 13 pages)
Image Northwoods Shared Services Project: Presentation from July 2013 Mini-Collaborative Meeting (PDF: 1.7MB / 23 pages)
Information about the national grantee from Wisconsin.
Icon Northwoods Shared Services Project: Key Informant Interview Protocol (PDF: 163KB / 2 pages)
Northwoods staff shares this tool that was used to gather qualitative feedback from partners and stakeholders about shared services.
Icon IBM Center for the Business of Government:
Success Factors for Implementing Shared Services in Government (PDF: 701KB / 49 pages)

From the foreword: "In this report Professors Burns and Yeaton conclude that the successful transition to shared services depends on a combination of strong management skills, senior-level support, effective communication, a strong change management program, and a phased approach to implementation" (Authors: Burns T, Yeaton K)
Icon Center for Sharing Public Health Services:
A Conversation with the Co-Directors (8:20 min)

This video gives a brief introduction to the Center. he co-directors leading the national grant share their thoughts on CJS.
Icon Center for Public Health Services:
Minnesota's Project Scope
(1:50 min)

Learn more about the MN SSLC project through an interview with Project Director Deb Burns.
Icon Center for Public Health Services: Integrating Local Health Departments in West Central Minnesota (2:31)
Learn more about Horizon's project from Project Director Sandy Tubbs.
Icon Leverage Points Consulting: Managing Change and Leading Through Transitions (PDF: 801KB / 42 pages)
From the introduction: "'s practitioners are faced with leading public health efforts amid ever-changing political landscapes, organizational structures, resources, funding streams, and partners. This guide is not meant to be a comprehensive tool or road map, but a useful resource to introduce and increase awareness about the core concepts of change, hightlight the types of change that practitioners often face, and provide practical strategies for transitiong through these situations more effectively."

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