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Training and Webinars by Date - Public Health Practice Section

The webinars and training sessions below are offered by the MDH Health Partnerships Division, Public Health Practice Section. To find webinars from other programs at MDH, try using the search bar in the upper right of your screen.

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Need technical assistance? The Public Health Practice Section can help: Help and Technical Assistance Available to Local and Tribal Public Health.

11/2016 Public Health Practice Trainings (lengths vary)
  These presentations provide local public health staff with an overview of public health practice in Minnesota. Included so far:
  1. Overview of Minnesota Public Health System (33:26)

tag(s): staff/elected officials

2. Overview of History of Public Health Nursing in Minnesota (53:00)

tag(s): staff/elected officials

10/2016 Local Public Health Finance

This webinar provides an overview of Overview of CHB funding and grants. Topic include grants at MDH, invoice naming, general ledger review and information on the MDH grant award coversheet. This webinar may be of interest to administrators, directors and finance staff in local health departments.

  tags(s): staff/elected officials
6/2016 2016 Performance-Related Accountability Requirements (length varies)
  This webinar covers the expectations and submission process for the 2016 Performance-Related Accountability Requirement, the relationship between performance management and monitoring/revising your CHIP, and resources to support the monitoring/revising process.
  tag(s): assessment and planning | QI/performance management


Introduction to Performance Management (31:51)

  This webinar will teach participants to summarize the components of performance management, identify examples of performance management components, and apply performance management to a public health service, program, or process.
  tag(s): QI/performance management
6/2016 Orientation to Minnesota Dept. of Health
  If you are a new CHS administrator, public health director, or public health official please attend an orientation designed just for you!
  tag(s): staff/elected officials
5/2016 Flint: Could It Happen Here?
  Local elected officials are invited to participate in a discussion about their role in protecting the water and health of their communities by joining this interactive video conference led by Commissioner of Health, Edward Ehlinger, and State Community Health Services Advisory Committee (SCHSAC) Chair Doug Huebsch, Otter Tail County Commissioner.
  tag(s): staff/elected officials
2/2016 How to Navigate REDCap (12:20)
  This webinar provides community health boards with information about the REDCap reporting system, including how to successfully enter your LPH Act performance measure data into REDCap.
  tag(s): assessment and planning
1/2016 Writing Good Goals and SMART Objectives
  This webinar is intended to aid local public health departments in writing goals and objectives for the Local Public Health Assessment and Planning process deliverables.
  tag(s): assessment and planning | QI/performance management
11/2015 Monitoring and Revising your Community Health Improvement Plan (28:19)
  This webinar can help you understand the CHIP statutory requirements and performance management; understand what it means to monitor, analyze, and revise your CHIP; utilize templates to monitor, analyze, and revise; and share your findings with stakeholders and other community health boards.
  tag(s): assessment and planning | QI/performance management
8/2015 Finance and Grant Update for Local Public Health (1:44:00)
  Topics include: Overview of grants at MDH, new MDH interect policy, subcontracting guidelines, invoice naming, impact of new federal guidelines on master grant contract
  tag(s): staff/elected officials
6/2015 Records Retention Series (length varies)
  These webinars are part of a series for local public health staff to become familiar with the basics of records management, retention schedules, and proper destruction of records:
1. Records and Information Management (17:35)
2. Records Retention Schedule (18:20)
3. Preserving and Disposing of Government Records (19:57)
  tag(s): staff/elected officials
5/2015 Implementing Community Health Improvement Plans (CHIP): Ways to Partner with Health Plans (55:00)
  This webinar can help new public health staff learn about opportunities for collaboration with health plans, including health plan resources that complement CHIP and accreditation efforts, opportunities for partnerships, and highlights of the Minnesota Health Plan Collaboration Plan.
  tag(s): assessment and planning
4/2015 Ten New Things about WIC Data (slides only)
  MDH WIC staff provide a brief overview of the WIC Information System, and introduce new reports, maps, and report templates that are available online or through local WIC agencies.
  tag(s): assessment and planning
11/2014 Using Data to Tell Your Story (slides only)
  Presenters from local public health agencies will discuss how they decided what to report in 2014, what they've done with their 2014 CHB-specific reports, how the data was received, with whom it was shared, and lessons learned.
  tag(s): reporting | assessment and planning
8/2014 Finance and Grant Update for Local Public Health (46:00)
  Staff from MDH presented at the Local Public Health Association meeting about upcoming CHB grant-related changes. MDH hosted this webinar to discuss these changes.
  tag(s): staff/elected officials
12/2013 Quality Improvement Plans: A How-To Guide (41:49)
  What is a QI plan? Why is it important? Learn the answer to these questions and more from this presentation.
  tag(s): QI/performance management | assessment and planning
11/2013 Data In, Data Out. Now What? (slides only)
  Staff from the MDH Office of Performance Improvement will convene a discussion focused on how local public health administrators have used the CHB reports with key audiences so far and how others can prepare to use the reports in the future.
  tag(s): reporting | assessment and planning
11/2012 Tools for Staff Assessment and Workforce Planning: Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals (slides only)
  Local public health leaders are ever mindful of the staff development needs of their departments. The Council on Linkages between Academic and Public Health Practice (with support from the Public Health Foundation) has developed a set of Core Competencies for public health professionals.
  tag(s): QI/performance management
10/2012 Community Health Improvement Planning: Adapting MAPP in Minnesota (59:47)
  This course will share lessons learned by three local health departments as they have adapted the MAPP process to their settings.
  tag(s): assessment and planning
8/2012 Data for Counties (Part 3 of 3): Looking for More Answers: Additional Data Sources for Community Health Assessments (65 minutes)
  This webinar will help users become familiar with an expanded range of data sources for community health assessment, and meet additional MDH staff who can help with data and analysis
  tag(s): assessment and planning
7/2012 Data for Counties (Part 2 of 3): What do the Data Say? (88 minutes)
  This webinar will help users develop their skill in choosing indicators to analyze, interpreting numbers, and comparing findings, as well as grow more confident in drawing conclusions from data.
  tag(s): assessment and planning
6/2012 Data for Counties (Part 1 of 3): County-Level Indicators for Community Health Assessments (slides only)
  This webinar helps users become familiar with the main county-level data sources available from the Minnesota Center for Health Statistics.
  tag(s): assessment and planning

For training materials used prior to 2012, please contact the MDH Public Health Practice Section.