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Aligning Community Health Improvement Plans with the Healthy Minnesota 2020 Statewide Health Improvement Framework

This program was previously presented as a concurrent session at the 2012 Community Health Conference.

New national standards call for alignment between local, tribal, state and national health improvement efforts to leverage their activities into measureable health improvement. Explore opportunities for alignment of your community health improvement activities with the 2012 statewide health assessment and the Healthy Minnesota 2020 State Health Plan and the Statewide Chronic Disease Plan.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about the 2012 Statewide Health Assessment, the Healthy Minnesota 2020 State Health Plan, and the Statewide Chronic Disease Plan
  • Identify three to four ways your local public health department or community can support statewide strategies and activities


PHAB Standards and Measures

  • 1.1 Develop a Comprehensive Community Health Assessment
  • 5.2.1 Develop a Community Health Improvement Plan

Core Competencies

  • Multiple Core Competencies from Leadership and Systems Thinking Skills