Data Training Series for Counties - Training & Technical Assistance - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Data for Counties (Part 2 of 3):
What Do the Data Say?

This series of three webinars introduces Minnesota local health departments to the county-level indicators on the MDH website (compiled by the Minnesota Center for Health Statistics), and provides training on how to access the data for community health assessments.

Watch Online:

  1. Introduction (16 minutes)
  2. Example: Marijuana Use Among Teens (30 minutes)
  3. Example: Analysis of Teen Birth Rates (20 minutes)
  4. Example: Making a Quick Graph (22 minutes)

Note: You may need to download the Cisco WebEx player for .WRF files to view this webinar.

This webinar will help users develop their skill in choosing indicators to analyze, interpreting numbers, and comparing findings, as well as grow more confident in drawing conclusions from data.

Tag(s): assessment and planning


  • Dorothy Bliss, Office of Performance Improvement
  • Kim Edelman, Minnesota Center for Health Statistics
  • Ann Kinney, Minnesota Center for Health Statistics
  • Jeannette Raymond, Office of Performance Improvement




July 2012