November 2012

Changes in PPMRS in 2013

2014 Reporting on 2013 Data

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Img   LPH Act Performance Measures: Instructions for PPMRS Reporting in 2014 (January 2014)


The SCHSAC Performance Improvement Steering Committee (PISC) released new Local Public Health Act performance measures in October 2012. These new measures will phase into PPMRS reporting during 2013 (the upcoming reporting period) and 2014. These training sessions provide guidance for reporting on new infrastructure measures, identify the reduced set of current measures for the other five areas of responsibility, and focus on new measures that will be introduced in 2014, so that community health boards can begin preparing for them now. These webinars also provide guidance to multi-county CHBs about how to report as a CHB.


  • Bonnie Brueshoff, Chair, PISC
  • Kim Gearin, MDH Office of Performance Improvement
  • Beth Gyllstrom, MDH Office of Performance Improvement


2014 Reporting on 2013 Data

  • Learn about the new performance measures for reporting in 2014
  • Receive guidance for reporting on new measure in 2014
  • Learn where to locate measure, guidance and definition on the Internet
  • Identify contacts for more information


PHAB Standards and Measures

PPMRS reporting is part of the Performance Management System for the statewide public health partnership

Public Health Core Competencies

8C7   Ensures the measuring, reporting and continuous improvement of organizational performance
7C16   Incorporates data and information to improve organizational processes and performance