January 2014

LPH Act Performance Measures:
Instructions for PPMRS Reporting in 2014


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Help CHBs prepare to report into PPMRS in 2014 on LPH Act Performance Measures


  • Allie Freidrichs (Meeker-McLeod-Sibley CHB)
  • Kim Gearin (MDH Office of Performance Improvement)
  • Beth Gyllstrom (MDH Office of Performance Improvement)

Learning Objectives

  • Locate and use instructions for 2014 reporting
  • Summarize transition to new LPH Act performance measures
  • Describe new performance measures related to health equity, accreditation, and environmental health
  • Explain the importance of using the instructions in order to improve standardization in reporting and promote overall data quality
  • Describe how the SCHSAC Performance Improvement Steering Committee will use the data


PHAB Standards and Measures

PPMRS reporting is part of the Performance Management System for the statewide public health partnership.

Public Health Core Competencies

C7 Ensures the measuring, reporting and continuous improvement of organizational performance
7C16 Incorporates data and information to improve organizational processes and performance