Finance and Grant Update for Local Public Health - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Finance and Grant Update for Local Public Health

MDH staff presented at the Local Public Health Association meeting about upcoming community health board grant-related changes, and hosted this webinar to discuss these changes.

Topics include:

  • Changes to the 2015-2019 Master Grant Contract (beginning 1/1/15)
  • Changes to the mechanism for distributing Title V, TANF and Local Public Health Grant funds (beginning 1/1/15)
  • Review of a recent Alternate Financial Reconciliation Requirements for MDH Grants to Local Public Health

Tag(s): staff/elected officials


  • Deb Burns, Office of Performance Improvement
  • DeeAnn Finley, Office of Performance Improvement
  • Alyssa Haugen, Health Operations Bureau
  • Janet Olstad, Community and Family Health Division



June 2014


DeeAnn Finley, MDH Office of Performance Improvement