August 2014

Finance and Grant Update for Local Public Health

In June 2014, staff from MDH presented at the Local Public Health Association meeting about upcoming CHB grant-related changes. MDH hosted this webinar to discuss these changes. Topics include:

  • Changes to the 2015-2019 Master Grant Contract (beginning 1/1/15)
  • Changes to the mechanism for distributing Title V, TANF and Local Public Health Grant funds (beginning 1/1/15)
  • Review of a recent Alternate Financial Reconciliation Requirements for MDH Grants to Local Public Health

Download Webinar (MP4)

MP4   Webinar Recording: All Parts (46:00)
  MP4   Part 1: Master Grant Contract (10:30)
  MP4   Part 2: LPH Act Changes (16:30)
  MP4   Part 3: Financial Reconciliation Exemption (8:00)
PDF   Webinar Highlights and Questions/Answers (PDF)

Additional Resources

PDF   Alternate Financial Reconciliation Requirements for MDH Grants to Community Health Boards (PDF)
PDF   Draft Master Grant Contract Crosswalk (PDF)
PDF   Draft Master Grant Contract (PDF)


MDH staff from the Office of Grants and Special Projects, Community and Family Health Division, and Office of Performance Improvement provided information and answer questions.

  • Deb Burns, Director, Office of Performance Improvement (OPI)
  • DeeAnn Finley, LPH Policy and Administration Specialist, OPI
  • Alyssa Haugen, Grants and Special Projects Manager, Health Operations Bureau
  • Janet Olstad, Assistant Division Director, Community and Family Health Division


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