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2016 Performance-Related Accountability Requirements

Please note: Though this webinar was recorded for 2016 Performance-Related Accountability Measure, the information is still current and relevant to the 2017 measure.

Watch Online:

  1. Context and Background (6 minutes)
  2. Submission Requirements (3 minutes)
  3. Tools for Monitoring and Revising the CHIP (14 minutes)
  4. Walkthrough of Optional MDH Templates (12 minutes)
  5. CHIP Monitoring Template Spreadsheet

This webinar provides an overview of the 2016 Performance-Related Accountability Requirement, which is Public Health Accreditation Board Measure 5.2.4, monitoring and revising the community health improvement plan (CHIP) with community partners.

Tag(s): assessment and planning | QI/performance management


For the 2016 Performance-Related Accountability Requirement, Minnesota community health boards are required to submit a CHIP Annual Report to the Minnesota Department of Health by March 31, 2017, and indicate in Annual Reporting if the measure is partially, fully, or not met.

By the end of this webinar, participants will be able to understand:

  • The expectations and submission process for the 2016 Performance-Related Accountability Requirement
  • The relationship between monitoring and revising your CHIP and performance management
  • Resources to support monitoring and revising the CHIP, such as a reporting template and monitoring spreadsheet


Sarah Small, MDH Health Partnerships Division

Presentation Slides


Local Public Health Act: Statutory Requirements


June 2016