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Governance & Administration

Local Public Health Act: The Local Public Health Act (Minn. Stat. ยง 145A) outlines the shared public health responsibilities of the state and local governments in Minnesota. Find information on statute requirements, areas of public health responsibility, reimbursement and invoicing, and more.

Find a Local Health Department or Community Health Board: The community health board is the legally recognized governing body for local public health in Minnesota.

Community Health Board Contact Database: CHS administrators are responsible for maintaining the information in the CHB Contact Database in PPMRS.

Considerations for Shared Governance Structures (PDF): This toolkit provides a set of planning and communication tools to assist community health boards who are exploring or planning changes to governance or administration. Many tools will also be useful for the exploration of cross-jurisdictional arrangements more generally.

Community Health Services (CHS) Administration Handbook: This handbook provides context for issues frequently encountered by CHS administrators in Minnesota.

Medical Consultant Handbook: This handbook provides community health board medical consultants with an overview of the history of public health in Minnesota, information about state and local public health, and descriptions of the roles that medical consultants play in Minnesota.

Minnesota's Public Health System: Minnesota's public health system and partnership make it unique among states in the United States.

Maps & Administrative Boundaries: As community health boards and local health departments join or split, some administrative boundaries may change in Minnesota.

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