Governance & Administration

Office of Performance Improvement

OPI assures that the requirements of the Local Public Health Act (Minn. Stat. ยง 145A) are met, and that Minnesota maintains a statewide local public health system to fulfill public health responsibilities across the state. The Office of Performance Improvement:

  • assists community health boards and other local officials on local public health governance, administration, and statutory requirements;
  • conducts annual accountability reviews to assure requirements of the Local Public Health Act are met; and
  • works with MDH programs to address issues impacting local public health.

About Local Health Departments

Icon Find a Community Health Board or Local Health Department
This list is updated continuously with contact information for the state's communtiy health boards (CHBs) and local public health departments..
Icon Local Public Health Act
The Local Public Health Act outlines the shared public health responsibilities of the state and local governments in Minnesota.
Icon Local Public Health Administrative Boundaries
These maps visually delineate differences in local public health administrative boundaries in Minnesota.

Resources and Handbooks

Icon CHS Administration Handbook
The CHS Administration Handbook is a resource for administering community health services in Minnesota. The Admin Handbook was developed for local Community Health Services Administrators, but contains information that may also be helpful to public health nursing directors, environmental health directors, and others.
Icon Medical Consultant Handbook
This handbook provides CHB Medical Consultants with an overview of the history of public health in Minnesota, information about state and local public health, and descriptions of the roles that medical consultants play in Minnesota. Developed in partnership with the Minnesota Medical Association.
Icon Public Health Leader: Orientation & Resource Guide
(PDF: 847KB / 47 pages)

This guide provides guidance on a number of subject/topic areas that are critical for new public health leaders to understand. Developed in partnership with the Minnesota Local Public Health Association.

About Minnesota's Public Health System

Icon Public Health System History & Context
Learn more about Minnesota's unique state-local public health partnership and history.
Icon Minnesota's Public Health Workforce
OPI serves as a focal point for issues related to public health practice, including participating in state and national discussions of performance standards, public health competencies, and the ten essential public health services. Learn more about the state's public health workforce here.