CHS Administration Handbook - Minnesota Dept. of Heath

CHS Administration Handbook

The Community Health Services (CHS) Administration Handbook was published 1999, updated in 2000, 2005, and 2009, and revised in 2014.

It is intended to provide context for issues frequently encountered by CHS administrators in Minnesota.

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  Public Health in Minnesota Img Img
Minnesota's Public Health System
  Government's Responsibility for Public Health Img Img
  Minnesota's Public Health System Img Img
  The Minnesota Department of Health Img Img
CHS Administration
  Background on CHS Administration Img Img
  Expectations of CHS Administrators Img Img
  Qualification Review Process Img Img
Public Health and the Community
  Building Community Relationships Img Img
  Populations of Color and American Indians Img Img
  Working with Advisory Committees Img Img
  Explaining Minnesota's Public Health System to Policymakers Img Img
  Health Plan Collaboration Plans Img Img
Governance Structures and Authorities
  Public Health Powers and Duties of Local Government Img Img
  Developing and Executing Agreements between Agencies Img Img
  Environmental Health Delegation Agreements Img Img
  Disasters and Emergency Preparedness Img Img
  American Indian Tribal Governments Img Img
CHS Administrative Duties
  Budgets and Audits Img Img
  Assessment, Planning, and Reporting Img Img
  Personnel Recommendations Img Img
Data Practices
  Health Information Technology and the Minnesota e-Health Initiative Img Img
  Government Records and Retention Img Img
  The Minnesota Government Data Practices Act Img Img
  Data Protection and Security Img Img
  Local Public Health Act and Rules Img n/a
  Summary of Powers and Duties Contained in the Local Public Health Act Img n/a
  SCHSAC Regions in Minnesota Img n/a
  National Public Health Domains Img n/a
  Sample: CHS Administrator Job Description Img Img
  Healthy Minnesota 2020 Framework and Core Indicators Img n/a
  Advisory Committee Assessment Img Img
  Local Elected Official Orientation Img Img
  Sample: Memorandum of Agreement Img Img
  Emergency Preparedness Glossary Img Img
  Emergency Preparedness Statutes Img n/a