Advisory Committee Assessment - CHS Admin Handbook - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Appendix: Advisory Committee Assessment

To ensure your advisory committee is both meeting statutory requirements and operating effectively/productively, ask these key questions:

  • Does the advisory committee have at least five members?
  • Are the members broadly representative of the community and health care providers?
  • Is there a clear process for selecting members and assuring representation?
  • Does the advisory committee meet at least three times a year?
  • Does it have written bylaws or operating procedures?
  • Are its responsibilities and authority clearly stated?
  • Does it have a clear charge or purpose?
  • Is an annual review of the charge provided for all members?
  • Does the charge include advising and making recommendations to the community health board?
  • Are the roles of staff in relation to the advisory committee clearly defined?
  • Is an orientation provided for new members?
  • Is adequate and ongoing education provided so that the advisory committee has an increasing capacity to analyze issues and make recommendations?
  • Is the advisory committee given enough information so that they can provide sound advice and recommendations?
  • Does the advisory committee have a chair that effectively leads them in achieving their charge?
  • Does the advisory committee provide advice based on the community good (versus narrow or special interests)?
  • Is the special knowledge or expertise of advisory committee members used well?
  • Are members free to speak out?
  • Is the advisory committee informed of subsequent community health board action?
  • Do they coordinate, or are they at least informed of, other health advisory committees functioning under the community health board?