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CHS Administration

Qualification Review Process

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Updated August 2, 2011

While the required qualifications of the CHS administrator role haven't changed in the last 20 years (since the rules change in the late 1980's) both the role and the field of public health have changed significantly. There are concerns that the required qualification have not kept pace with the demands of the position.


Minnesota state statutes require each community health board (CHB) to appoint a Community Health Services administrator. Minn. R. § 4736.0110 sets forth minimum required qualifications for CHS administrators to ensure qualified public health leadership at the local level. A recent in-depth study conducted by the State Community Health Services Advisory Committee (SCHSAC) stated,

"Today's public health field is increasingly demanding and complex. It requires strong—qualified, authoritative, and responsible—leadership… [CHS administrators] should have clear roles, responsibilities and authorities which are documented, shared and visible."

The report recommended additional qualifications for CHS administrators, which reflect the complexity of current public health practice and the competencies needed for effective local leadership.

Review Process

Img     Tier 3 Core Competencies [Public Health Foundation]
Img     Blueprint for a Successful Local Health Department Workgroup

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) will review the education and experience of all incoming CHS administrators to ensure each meets minimum qualifications outlined in Minn. R. 4736.0110. CHBs must be in compliance with requirements set out in Minn. Stat. § 145A and Minn. R. 4736.0110 in order to maintain eligibility for MDH funding. Furthermore, CHBs are strongly encouraged—but not required—to appoint CHS administrators who meet the Tier 3 Core Competencies for public health leaders as recommended by SCHSAC.

At times, CHBs may wish to appoint an individual to serve as the CHS administrator on an interim basis. The interim appointee must still meet the minimum qualification requirements, and is subject to an MDH review of qualifications.

  1. On an ongoing basis, MDH will provide information and education to CHBs to help them understand CHS administrator qualification requirements, and to make them aware that all incoming administrators are subject to a review of qualifications. Methods shall include periodic trainings, informational materials, and a reminder letter to CHB chair when a leadership transition is anticipated.
  2. The Office of Performance Improvement at MDH must be informed in writing whenever a CHB appoints a new CHS administrator. The correspondence should include a copy of the CHB resolution appointing the administrator.
  3. MDH will send a letter to the newly appointed CHS administrator requesting a copy of their resume or Curriculum Vitae, and any other supporting documentation that helps summarize their educational qualifications and relevant work experience.
  4. MDH will promptly review the resume, using the criteria outlined in subparts 1-4 of Minn. R. 4736.0110, and may request additional information or documentation as needed.
  5. MDH will inform the new CHS administrator and the chair of the CHB of the results of this review in writing, within 30 days of receipt.
    a.   If the prospective administrator is found to meet the required qualifications, s/he and the CHB chair will be notified in writing (via a welcome letter).
    b.   If the qualifications of the prospective CHS administrator are found to be deficient, s/he will be notified in writing, and MDH will work with the CHB to identify a qualified candidate within the jurisdiction.

Contact Information

Please contact the MDH Office of Performance Improvement with any notification, questions or comments pertaining to this process.

Office of Performance Improvement
Minnesota Department of Health
PO Box 64975
Saint Paul, MN 55164-0975
Phone: 651-201-3880

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