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Authorities and Mandates: Community Health Boards

Updated November 2014

This document summarizes selected state and federal statutes and rules that pertain to community health boards with regard to public health in Minnesota. It is organized according to the six areas of public health responsibility. The Local Public Health Act (Minn. Stat. § 145A) was revised during the 2014 legislative session to clarify public health responsibilities of community health boards; improve program efficiency; and eliminate outdated terms and provisions.

Please note: this document is not intended to be a comprehensive summary of all public health mandates and authorities and it does not inc lude mandates or authorities pertaining to human services. The most up-to-date statute language can be found on the website of the Minnesota Office of the Revisor of Statutes. This document is not a substitute for the advice of your jurisdiction's legal counsel.

Download: Authorities and Mandates: Community Health Boards (PDF)