Local Public Health Act - Minn. Stat. § 145A

Local Public Health Act Funding

The Local Public Health Act grant provides funding to community health boards (CHBs) and tribal governments in Minnesota. In 2003, eight categorical grants were consolidated into the Local Public Health Act grant:

  • CHS Subsidy
  • Maternal and Child Health State Funding
  • Family Home Visiting
  • WIC (state funding only)
  • Eliminating Health Disparities – Tribal Funding
  • TANF Youth Risk Behavior
  • MN ENABL (TANF funding only)
  • Infant Mortality

MDH annually determines the overall funding allocation for each CHB, and provides the total award amount as well as a breakdown by State General Funds, TANF and Title V. That information is posted on this site and formal allocation letters are sent to the chairperson of each CHB. For more information on the requirements and accountability for these funds, please visit Statute Requirements.