Requirements - Local Public Health Act - Minnesota Dept. of Heath

Statute Requirements for the Local Public Health Act

CHBs have statutory responsibility under the Local Public Health Act.
CHBs must:

  • Identify local public health priorities and implement activities to address those priorities and the areas of public health responsibility;
  • Submit a community health assessment and community health improvement plan (at least every five years);
  • Implement a performance management process; and
  • Annually report on a set of performance measures.

The Local Public Health Assessment and Planning process helps CHBs complete community health assessments and community health improvement plans, and the Planning and Performance Measurement Reporting System ensures CHBs can use accurate information to improve public health.

Population Requirements

The Local Public Health Act requires each CHB to serve a population of at least 30,000 people. If a single county doesn't meet the population requirement, it can form a CHB with one or more neighboring counties. If a CHB serves three or more contiguous counties, the minimum population requirement does not apply.

The number of CHBs in the system has varied over time and is subject to change. CHBs are required to have a community health services administrator and a medical consultant. Members of the CHB are either elected or appointed; the membership, composition, and business practices of CHBs vary throughout the state