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Medical Consultants

Community health boards in Minnesota are required to have a medical consultant.

According to the Local Public Health Act, medical consultant means "a physician licensed to practice medicine in Minnesota who is working under a written agreement with, employed by, or on contract with a community health board to provide advice and information, to authorize medical procedures through protocols, and to assist a community health board and its staff in coordinating their activities with local medical practitioners and health care institutions.”

Medical Consultant Handbook

This handbook provides medical consultants with an overview of the history of public health in Minnesota, information about the state and local governmental public health system, and descriptions of the roles medical consultants play in Minnesota.

Download: Minnesota Community Health Board Medical Consultant Handbook (PDF)

Medical Consultation Webinar Series

Minnesota State Epidemiologist and MDH Medical Director Dr. Ruth Lynfield hosts a semi-annual webinar series for medical consultants on issues of relevance to practice within the Minnesota’s local public health system. If you would like to receive notification about upcoming webinars or have questions for Dr. Lynfield please contact the MDH Center for Public Health Practice.

View: Medical Consultation Webinar Series

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