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Considerations for Shared Governance Structures

Online ToolkitThis toolkit provides a set of planning and communication tools to assist community health boards who are exploring or planning changes to governance or administration. Many tools will also be useful for exploring cross-jurisdictional arrangements more generally.

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If you have questions about Considerations for Shared Governance Structures, or would like more information about the Minnesota Shared Services Learning Collaborative, contact the MDH Center for Public Health Practice.

Suggested Meeting Outlines

This outline is applicable to those public health departments who are contemplating a change in their governance structure. The process outlined here has been utilized in several planning initiatives that have recently taken place in Minnesota. This outline is a guide, and should be adapted to fit your specific circumstances and need.

Documents and Tools

The following documents and tools are embedded throughout the toolkit.

Discussion Questions (PDF). Facilitate the exploration of governance or organizational change and its impact on public health activities. For a varied audience, including planning team, policymakers.

Board Proposal (DOC). Be clear with your city or county board of local elected officials about what you are hoping to accomplish. For policymakers.

Project Charter (DOC). State the project's scope, objectives, phases, and participants. For the public health director, CHS planning team.

Change Management (DOC). Identify considerations and actions related to facilitating organizational change. For the public health director, public health supervisors.

Public Health 101 (PPT). Ground decision makers in public health concepts and history. For all involved, with emphasis on those not already familiar with public health.

Public Health in Our Jurisdiction (PPT). Inform about local demographics and trends as they relate to public health. For all involved, with emphasis on those not already familiar with data as it relates to public health.

Environmental Scan (PPT). Provide information about what is happening in the state/country that impacts public health. For all involved.

Market Analysis (PPT). Provide information about economic development and demographic change in the area. For all involved.

Service Analysis - High Level (XLS), Service Analysis - Detailed (XLS). Identify and compare public health services offered by each partner. For the planning team.

Staffing Analysis (XLS). Identify and compare staff FTEs across programs for all partners. For the planning team.

Expenditure Analysis (XLS). Identify and compare expenditures for each partner. For the planning team.

Income Analysis (XLS). Identify and compare financial assets for each partner. For the planning team.

Decision Matrix (XLS). Assist in identifying programs that might benefit from cross-jurisdictional sharing. For the planning team.