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Toward a Healthier County: Health in All Policies

Hennepin County

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This fact sheet shares basic information about Health in All Policies (HiAP) in a clear and succinct way, and helps others working at the county level identify their role in creating or supporting HiAP. The fact sheet briefly describes what HiAP is and what it means for county departments.


When to Use

A variation of this fact sheet might be useful to support a conversations about whether to implement a HiAP approach in a jurisdiction. Once it has been decided to utilize a HiAP approach, a variation of the fact sheet might be used to gain support from other departments in an organization, staff, or policymakers. It was initially developed as a handout to complement the Health In All Policies presentation listed separately.


Things to Consider

The fact sheet has some information specific to Hennepin County and will need to be modified.


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