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Embracing Equity in Community Health Improvement

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​This report gives a high-level overview of the community health improvement process and briefly discusses the role of nonprofit hospitals in that work. It includes an overview of the social determinants of health, and why partners should focus their efforts on the determinants. The authors suggest creating an equity vision with your leadership team, and applying equity-related criteria in the prioritization of potential health improvement activities. These criteria might include equity, impact, need, political will, readiness, and resources. The authors encourage readers to include measures for health improvement strategies, and to plan for sustainability and communication.


When to Use

​This document might be used by someone new to community health assessment and planning, who would like a general overview that focuses on equity. It could also be used as a homework assignment for a multi-sector team just starting out on a community health assessment (CHA) or community health improvement plan (CHIP), to familiarize them with the process.


Things to Consider

The approach they describe largely aligns with MDH’s suggested CHA and CHIP process steps. It uses some different language, like “metric” instead of “performance measure.”


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Embracing Equity in Community Health Improvement (PDF)


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