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Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)

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The IDI is an online, theory-based assessment of intercultural competence that can provide profile results at an individual or organizational level. The results indicate a position along an intercultural development continuum indicating a target for the next stage of growth. It includes questions that allow respondents to describe their experiences in terms of cross-cultural goals, challenges, and critical incidents they face and the ways they navigate those cultural differences. The IDI can only be given by a Qualified IDI Administrator.


When to Use

The authors indicate that the IDI is used most frequently in three core areas:

  1. For individual feedback
  2. For group/team feedback
  3. For assessments, evaluation, or benchmarking

The Inventory could be used to assess the current state of cultural competence within an organization or targeted group. This may help in identifying gaps to guide training and support needs. It can also be used as a baseline measurement to assess the effectiveness of improvement efforts. The inventory could also be used as an assessment of cultural competence for individuals to identify gaps and create intercultural development plans.


Things to Consider

There would be a cost to hire a consultant to administer the Inventory or train an employee to become a Qualified IDI Administrator. There is also a cost per individual to take the online survey. Consulting costs may vary depending on level of service requested. A group profile may be presented in a single group event, but individual profiles are only provided if arrangements are made for one-on-one consultation.


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