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Racial Equity and Social Justice Tool

City of Madison, WI

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Download this resource: Fast Track Tool (DOC)
View a completed version of this resource: Comprehensive Equity Tool (DOC)


This eight-page tool gives brief instructions on completion, and then provides a set of analysis questions for evaluating governmental actions like policies, proposals, or position descriptions. The assessment focuses on asking the evaluator a series of what, who, why, and where questions, while the resulting recommendations emphasize how to move forward. Any action or decision made by the governmental entity could be assessed with this tool.


When to Use

This tool could be used by a community health board in partnership with the community and key stakeholders to consider the impacts of a decision or proposed action on equity in their community. This tool could also be institutionalized by a county government as a formal system for assessing the impact of decisions on equity in their community.


Things to Consider

This is intended to be completed with those who may be impacted by the action/decision. This tool lacks a timeline or project plan component. It is unclear how long it would take to complete the fast-track or comprehensive versions and what specific planning steps an individual or group should take when preparing to use this tool.


Use This Resource

Racial Equity & Social Justice Tool – Fast Track Version (PDF)
Racial Equity & Social Justice Tool – Comprehensive Version (PDF)


Practices Addressed by This Resource

Img   Show organizational commitment
Img   Influence public policy