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Community Voices: Reducing Tobacco-Related Health Inequities

Minnesota Department of Health

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This comprehensive, 51-page report is the result of a community engagement effort to identify opportunities, priorities, and needs among groups most disparately impacted by commercial tobacco and secondhand smoke exposure. The methods align with recommended public health practices in achieving health equity: expanding our understanding of what creates health, strengthening the capacity of communities to create their own healthy future, and implementing a health in all policies approach with health equity as the goal.

The report presents key findings along with opportunities for action. Other useful resources include Appendix B, which provides a power and interest grid for the identification of stakeholders, and Appendix C, which provides questions used in regional grantee and stakeholder meetings.


When to Use

‚ÄčLocal public health staff and community partners working in tobacco control activities will find this information helpful in a variety of ways, including the identification of stakeholders (using the Power and Interest Grid found in Appendix B) and the identification of assets and barriers within the various communities.

The report also provides insight into how to engage targeted communities and guidance for the partnership in addressing this pressing public health issue utilizing a health equity lens. Appendix C provides a list of questions an organization could use in community meetings or with in-person stakeholder interviews.


Things to Consider

This is a fairly lengthy report; the executive summary is excellent and would be helpful for community partners.


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Community Voices: Reducing Tobacco-Related Health Inequities


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Img   Spread the word about what creates health
Img   Authentically engage with the community