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Guidelines for Achieving Health Equity in Practice

National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO)

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Download this resource: Guidelines for Achieving Health Equity in Practice (PDF)

This three-page document modifies the ten essential services to incorporate health equity and articulates actions that a local health department can take related to health equity within the context of these services. It offers suggested actions for some, but not all, of the essential services, including:

  • Monitoring health status and tracking the conditions that influence health
  • Protecting people from health problems
  • Giving people information they need to improve their health
  • Engaging with the community to eliminate health inequities
  • Developing public health policies and plans
  • Maintaining a competent public health workforce
  • Contributing to and applying the research base of public health

When to Use

These guidelines could be used in a number of different ways and for varying purposes. For example, a community health board or local health department might use these guidelines:

  • In a leadership team meeting to brainstorm how and where to incorporate work on health equity into public health practice
  • To develop talking points or discussion questions for a meeting with a county board, community leadership team, or similar audience
  • In the context of assessing the community health board's performance or workforce development needs
  • For strategic planning at any organizational level
  • To inform the development of individual staff work plans
  • When developing job descriptions

Things to Consider

This document was developed in 2009.

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Practices Addressed by This Resource

Img   Build a shared understanding and commitment to health equity
Img   Align programs, resources with organization commitment to health equity