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Minnesota's Tomorrow: Equity is the Superior Growth Model


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A number of Minnesota leaders formed a network called "EquityNowTC" after attending The National Equity Summit to take action on what they learned. This report was developed in partnership with PolicyLink as a way to spark action towards and equity-based approach to the economy. The report starts out with an introduction explaining the need to focus on a new model for economic growth driven by equity. The report is organized into three sections. The first section, "Minnesota Demographic Transformation," describes current and future demographics. It includes examples from both Metro and Greater Minnesota on changing demographics. The second section explains why and how equity matters to Minnesota's economic future. The third section provides policy recommendations for equitable economic growth. This section includes a few examples of equitable growth in Minnesota.


When to Use

The first section can be used as a way to understand the changing diversity within both Metro and Greater Minnesota. It could also be used as a way to communicate with other stakeholders about why there is a need to act now based on these demographic changes. The second section can be used to expand the understanding for all stakeholders that diversity is an asset for the state's economy. The third section could be used as a way to explain how changing large and small scale policies contribute to equitable growth. Certain parts of the report could be used as part of a presentation to a community group or board to make the economic case for equitable policies.


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