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Racial Equity Plan Materials

City of Portland, OR

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Racial Equity Plan Manual [User Guide] (PDF)
Assessment Tool (XLS)


This extensive spreadsheet provides users with a structured way to assess their organizations on 41 measures related to racial equity. The guide walks users through the process and provides context and additional information when appropriate. The indicators in the organizational assessment are divided between six domains, including organizational commitment; leadership and management; workforce; community access and partnership; contracting; and data, metrics, and quality improvement. The spreadsheet then populates charts from the data that is entered to help the user evaluate and analyze their data. The data can then be used to create work plans and timelines; separate work plan templates are available on the same website.


When to Use

This tool would ideally be used as part of a planning process prior to implementing any changes to internal processes to address racial equity. It could be used as part of strategic planning or as a separate process. Use it to better understand where the organization is addressing racial equity, where there are gaps, and where improvements can be made.


Things to Consider

This is a complex and thorough tool that will require a significant commitment of time and energy to implement as intended.

There are a number of additional resources on the City of Portland's website, including materials for training and education.


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Racial Equity Plan Manual [User Guide] (PDF)
Assessment Tool (XLS)


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