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Developing an Equity Impact Statement

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This document gives an explanation of why jurisdictions may wish to measure equity impact, and includes high-level generic examples and sample language for the following components: developing mechanisms for assessing equity impact; amending or revising a jurisdiction's value statements; establish tracking systems, evaluation, and reporting mechanisms that build a body of evidence; adapt a set of normative questions for the legislative process; and develop mechanisms to identify, evaluate and address adverse effects. It includes a list of related resources sorted by topic area.


When to Use

Use this tool if you want to develop mechanisms for evaluating the impact of your agency's policies, programs, or decisions on equity. This tool includes sample language. The resource list on pg. 7 and 8 could be used when looking for resources on very specific policy or topic related to equity.


Things to Consider

This tool contains sample language, but no concrete, on-the-ground examples.


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