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Health Equity and Prevention Primer

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The Prevention Institute developed this primer, which includes seven recorded presentations, supporting documents, tools, and other resources. Each of the presentations are between 15-20 minutes in length.

  • Module 1 describes how primary prevention leads to equity.
  • Module 2 explains the connection between the environment and health equity.
  • Module 3 describes how 18 factors within a community provide opportunities for achieving health equity.
  • Module 4 provides an overview of the Spectrum of Prevention framework.
  • Module 5 describes how to build coalitions.
  • Module 6 covers the advantages and steps of local policy to achieve health equity.
  • Module 7 provided an overview of community health indicators and how this data has been used to advance health equity.


When to Use

All seven modules could be viewed individually or shown during group meetings where employees could have an opportunity to discuss the content.

Modules 1 through 4 could be used as an introduction to the importance of working upstream on social determinants of health.

Module 5 may be helpful for anyone who is working with coalitions and wants to mobilize people to action.

Module 6 could be used to clarify the importance of local policy work and offers options for departments who feel they cannot engage directly in advocating for policy changes.

Module 7 could be used by those who are working with population indicators to understand the importance of monitoring community indicators outside traditional public health data sets.


Things to Consider

While the authors indicate the primer is targeted to public health practitioners, many of the modules could be used with coalitions, community groups, and other stakeholders to further a shared understanding of prevention and health equity.


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Health Equity and Prevention Primer


Practices Addressed by This Resource

Img   Authentically engage with the community
Img   Collect and use data for change
Img   Influence public policy