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A New Way to Talk About the Social Determinants of Health
This document provides new ways to talk about the social determinants of health for policymakers and other audiences.

Addressing the Social Determinants of Health through the Community Health Improvement Matrix
This brief discusses how to determine whether you address social determinants of health in community health improvement activities.

Advancing the Mission: Tools for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
This resource contains eight tools to help organizations identify opportunities to integrate equity goals into their programs and operations.

Applying Social Determinants of Health Indicator Data for Advancing Health Equity
This guide describes how to collect, analyze, and share data related to the social determinants of health, and identifies a core set of fifteen indicators.

Developing an Equity Impact Statement
This tool helps jurisdictions evaluate the impact of a program, policy, or decision on equity.

Effective Communication
This excerpt from a larger toolkit identifies strategies for communicating about health equity and social determinants of health.

Equity and Empowerment Lens - First Version
This guide to a series of tools can help an organization assess programs or policies for equity impacts, and implement an action plan to improve equity.

Equity and Empowerment Lens [Updated]
This updated version of an assessment tool helps you consider equity-related impacts of an issue, program, or policy decision and new tools to support action steps for advancing equity.

Guidelines for Achieving Health Equity in Practice
This three-page document modifies the ten essential services to incorporate health equity.

Health and Well-Being for All: Accelerating Learning about Social Determinants
This "meeting in a box" provides interactive materials you can use to discuss the factors that affect health, and for conversations about how to take action through teamwork and cross-sector collaboration.

Health Equity and Prevention Primer
This primer includes presentations and other resources to convey the importance of working on health equity, and provides ideas for where to start.

Health in All Policies: A Guide for State and Local Governments
This guide describes the Health in All Policies approach to health improvement and outlines action steps for implementing this strategy.

Health in All Policies: Strategies to Promote Innovative Leadership
This resource offers information about collaborating effectively across sectors to advance Health in All Policies.

Healthy People 2020: Social Determinants of Health
This website provides an overview of social determinants of health, identifies 10-year health objectives related to the social determinants of health, and provides links to data and other resources.

Incorporating Health Equity into Foundational Skills of Public Health
This guide helps public health professionals incorporate the goal of health equity into current public health practice.

National Equity Atlas
The National Equity Atlas is an online resource for data on race, and publications that make an economic case for racial equity.

Organizational Self-Assessment for Addressing Health Inequities Toolkit
This toolkit provides data-gathering tools to help local health departments identify the skills and infrastructure they need to advance health equity.

Principles of Community Engagement, Second Edition
This foundational publication describes how to engage a community effectively, and outlines the capacities an organization needs in order to do so.

Racial Equity Toolkit to Assess Policies, Initiatives, Programs, and Budget Issues
This seven-page toolkit describes six steps for evaluating the impact of a program, policy, initiative, or budget decision on racial equity.

THRIVE: Tool for Health & Resilience in Vulnerable Environments
THRIVE is a framework for understanding how community conditions impact health and a tool for engaging others to take action to improve those conditions.

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