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10 Promising Practices to Reduce Social Inequities in Health Build a Shared Understanding   Align with Commitment      
This literature review for local public health practitioners summarizes promising practices to impact health equity.            
Advancing Health Equity: Case Studies of Health Equity Practice in Four Award-Winning California Health Departments       Work in Partnership Improve Data Work at Policy Level
This resource profiles four California local health departments and their efforts to advance health equity: their successes, challenges, vision for the future, and lessons learned.            
Community Engagement to Advance Health Equity: Strategies and Tips   Develop Skills, Knowledge   Work in Partnership    
This resource highlights effective community engagement strategies for advancing health equity.            
Community Voices: Reducing Tobacco-Related Health Inequities Build a Shared Understanding Develop Skills, Knowledge   Work in Partnership   Work at Policy Level
This report provides a summary of a community engagement effort to learn more about tobacco-related health inequities from the most impacted communities themselves.            
Cross-Sectoral Collaboration: The State Health Official's Role in Elevating and Promoting Health Equity in All Policies in Minnesota   Develop Skills, Knowledge       Work at Policy Level
This case study highlights the Minnesota Department of Health’s efforts to address health equity, and provides insights into the role of the top state health official.            
Embracing Equity in Community Health Improvement Build a Shared Understanding     Work in Partnership    
This paper discusses how to intentionally integrate equity into community health improvement planning.            
Hennepin County Reduces Unnecessary Job Requirements to Open Up Hiring Opportunities   Develop Skills, Knowledge        
This news article describes steps taken by Hennepin County to reduce economic disparities by improving county employment.            
Measurement of Health Disparities, Health Inequities, and Social Determinants of Health to Support the Advancement of Health Equity   Develop Skills, Knowledge     Improve Data  
This article recommends a set of five practices for measuring health disparities, health equity, and social determinants of health.            
Minnesota's Tomorrow: Equity is the Superior Growth Model Build a Shared Understanding         Work at Policy Level
This report makes the economic case for health equity from a policymaker's perspective.            
Opportunity for All: The Path to Health Equity         Improve Data  
Opportunity for All provides an example from Canada about how to use local data to inform community conversations about health equity.            
The Public Health Nurse's Role in Achieving Health Equity: Eliminating Inequalities in Health   Develop Skills, Knowledge        
This paper discusses advancing health equity by building on the core competencies of public health nursing, and includes a supplemental resource list.            
Ripple Effect Mapping: Visually Capturing the Impacts of Policy, Systems, and Environmental Changes to Advance Health Equity   Develop Skills, Knowledge     Improve Data  
This brief report describes a unique approach to evaluating the impact and value of complex, multi-partner projects to advance health equity.            
What Are Health Disparities and Health Equity? We Need to Be Clear Build a Shared Understanding Develop Skills, Knowledge        
This two-page article helps readers understand the difference between health equity and health disparities.            

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