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Health Equity Resources:
Surveys and Assessments

Community Engagement Assessment Tool
This tool helps organizations improve their community engagement efforts by assessing their activities on a scale from outreach to engagement.

Equity and Empowerment Lens - First Version
This guide to a series of tools can help an organization assess programs or policies for equity impacts, and implement an action plan to improve equity.

Equity and Empowerment Lens [Updated]
This updated version of an assessment tool helps you consider equity-related impacts of an issue, program, or policy decision and new tools to support action steps for advancing equity.

Equity Metrics for Health Impact Assessment Practice, Version 1
This evaluation tool can help assure that equity is adequately considered in all phases of a Health Impact Assessment (HIA).

Foundational Practices for Health Equity: A Learning and Action Tool for State Health Departments
This tool was developed to help leaders in state health departments evaluate their agency's capacity to advance health equity and take action to transform public health practice.

Health Equity at Work: Skills Assessment of Public Health Staff
This report presents recommendations for building workforce capacity to address health equity.

Intercultural Development Inventory
The IDI is an online survey to assess intercultural competence at both an individual and organizational level.

Racial Equity and Social Justice Tool
This assessment tool evaluates how decisions might impact low-income populations and communities of color.

Racial Equity Assessment Toolkit
This presentation provides training on the use of a Racial Equity Assessment Tool for analyzing the the impact of policies, procedures, services, and budget decisions on populations of color.

Racial Equity Plan Materials
This extensive spreadsheet and user guide offers a structured way to conduct an organizational assessment.

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