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Opportunity for All: The Path to Health Equity

Sudbury & District Health Unit

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This report describes how health, social, and economic factors affect health in the City of Greater Sudbury in Canada. It presents an analysis of 15 health indicators, assesses the impact of these disparities, and highlights key considerations for the city to advance health equity.

The report includes definitions of concepts related to health equity that have been explored in the academic literature, describes the methodological approach, and provides an analysis of the results. The report ends with discussion and conclusions. A detailed explanation of the methodology is provided in appendices.


When to Use

This report is useful for developing ideas for gathering and analyzing data related to health disparities. It could help shape the development of a local health equity assessment for your jurisdiction.


Things to Consider

The analysis presented in this document relies on a measure called a "Deprivation Index." There is no comparable measure that we are aware of for the United States.


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