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Statewide Planning & Analysis

Statewide Community Health Services Advisory Committee (SCHSAC): SCHSAC is a statutorily defined advisory group, created in 1976, to advise the state health commissioner. SCHSAC provides guidance on development, maintenance, financing, and evaluation of community health services in Minnesota. It also supports state-local public health partnership through communication and coordination between MDH and local public health agencies.

Minnesota Public Health Research to Action Network: The Minnesota Public Health Research to Action Network launched in 2009 to stimulate public health systems and services research across Minnesota. The network was created to produce important new insights and relevant findings that can be used by practitioners and elected officials to improve public health services, organizations, and systems, and ultimately improve the health of Minnesotans.

Annual Reporting: Each year, Minnesota community health boards report on budget, finance, staffing, and performance measures.

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