Jack Korlath Partnership Award - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Jack Korlath Partnership Award

For individuals whose work has strengthened the state-local partnership.

The Jack Korlath Partnership Award was created in 2001 to honor the memory of Minnesota Department of Health employee Jack Korlath. Jack Korlath was an epidemiologist who was instrumental in developing the Disease Prevention and Control Common Activities Framework, and who was a leader in bringing state and local public health professionals together to work constructively on a wide variety of issues. Jack's collaborative efforts focused on the prevention, control, and investigation of infectious disease and on public health response to natural and manmade disasters/emergencies. The Jack Korlath Partnership Award is given to those who demonstrate a commitment to developing and maintaining close collaborative relationships between state and local public health agencies in Minnesota.


Eligibility requirements include: Local Public Health Staff, or State Health Staff.

Past Award Winners

2016 Karen Swenson, Director of Brown-Nicollet Environmental Health
2015 Marty LaVenture, Minnesota Dept. of Health
2014 Pete Giesen, Olmsted County Public Health
2013 Stefan Saravia, Minnesota Dept. of Health
2012 Kim Edelman and Ann Kinney, Minnesota Dept. of Health
2011 Patricia Coldwell, Association of Minnesota Counties
2010 Kari Guida, Minnesota Dept. of Health
2009 Mary Rippke, Minnesota Dept. of Health
2008 John Clare, Minnesota Dept. of Health
2007 Sandy Macziewski, Countryside Public Health
2006 Deborah Durkin, Minnesota Dept. of Health
2005 Lee Kingsbury, Minnesota Dept. of Health
2004 Bill Brand, Minnesota Dept. of Health
2003 Fred Anderson, Washington County
2002 Jan Forfang, Minnesota Dept. of Health