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Past Community Health Conferences

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Past Conferences

2016 Community Health Conference: From Principle to Practice: Walk the Talk for Health Equity

Conference Program

  • 2016 Conference Program: From Principle to Practice: Walk the Talk for Health Equity
  • 2016 Conference Schedule

General Sessions

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  • Anthony Iton: Health Care or Health Equity - Which Contributes More to Good Health
  • Commissioner Ed Ehlinger: Advancing Health Equity and Optimal Health for All is Primary Prevention of Mental Illness
  • Renee Frauendienst: Health Equity - Creating a Healthy Community
  • Asma Bulale: Somali Mental Health Findings
  • Craig Helmstetter: Minnesota's Aging Population
  • Commissioner Ed Ehlinger: How Will We Do That?
  • Eric Bergenson: My Story - Taking Action in Lake Wobegon

Concurrent Sessions by Theme

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Theme 1: American Indians: Creating their Own Healthy Future

  • A1: Mind-Body Medicine: A Native Traditional Healing Practice for Intergenerational Trauma
  • B1: Tribal Health Equity: PSE Change Solutions for Cancer Prevention
  • C1: Authentic Engagement Efforts to Reframe Public Health Work in Indian Country
  • D1: Federal Indian Policy and American Indian Health - Government to Government Partnerships

Theme 2: Integrating Health Equity into Our Work

  • A2: Hiring Our First Community Health Worker
  • B2: Strengthening Staff and Community Leadership Capacity to Advance Health Equity
  • C2: What Can I Do to Advance Health Equity? Practice Using a Health Equity Lens!
  • D2: One Organization’s Journey to Advance Health Equity

Theme 3: Collaborating for Safety and Health

  • A3: Preparedness: Not Just a Plan on the Shelf
  • B3: The Minnesota Human Trafficking Task Force
  • C3: A Community Collaboration for Safe and Healthy Homes
  • D3: Naegleria in Minnesota Waters: Local Public Health in the Midst of Tragedy

Theme 4: Fulfilling Communities' Unique Needs

  • A4: Building Trust with the Somali Community to Address Misinformation About MMR and Autism
  • B4: Health Needs of the LGBTQ Community: Inclusive Spaces
  • C4: Theory into Practice: Culturally Specific Treatment for African Americans
  • D4: Engaging Community to Improve Access to Healthy Food

Theme 5: Mental Health: Impacting Individuals and Communities

  • A5: Tobacco Cessation in Behavioral Health Settings
  • B5: Suicide Prevention: Stopping Contagion
  • C5: Wellness for Every Body
  • D5: Let's Talk About Resilience

Theme 6: Seeing Opportunties for Equity Everywhere

  • B6: Community Paramedics: An Emerging Profession in Rural Areas
  • C6: Addressing the STD Epidemic: Ask. Test. Treat.
  • D6: From Awareness to Action: Effective Community Response to Sexual Exploitation

Theme 7: Taking Care of Families and Empowering Youth

  • A7: Engaging Latino Families in Health: Multi-Generation Approach to Teen Pregnancy Prevention
  • B7: Family Home Visiting: Health Plan and County Pilot Project
  • C7: Mentoring and Teen Pregnancy Prevention: How It Fits Together

Theme 8: Partnering to Collect and Use Data

  • A8: Collaborating for Health Assessment: Next Steps
  • B8: Innovative Survey Methods to Measure Health Equity
  • C8: SHIP Health Equity Data Analysis Pilot - Lessons Learned
  • D8: Using WIC Data to Advance Health Equity

Theme 9: Walking the Talk: Resources and Examples

Learning Stations

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  • B #1: Culturally Specific Youth Prevention Efforts
  • B #2: More than a Translated Pamphlet: Helping Immigrant Populations Understand Preventive Care
  • B #3: Environmental Health State-Local Partnerships in Action
  • B #4: Walking the Talk by Providing Smiles
  • B #5: Health Equity is a Land Use Issue
  • B #6: New Approach to Developing Grassroots Partnerships
  • B #7: Practical Resources to Get Started on Advancing Health Equity
  • B #8: Promoting Health Equity with the Power of Data
  • B #9: Eliminating Health Disparities Initiative
  • C #1: The Community School Model: Health Equity for School Age Youth and their Families
  • C #2: LGBTQ Inclusive Patient Forms
  • C #3: Radon in Minnesota: Best Practices to Address Awareness, Testing and Disparities
  • C #4: Community Paramedics, Dental Therapists and Community Health Workers
  • C #5: Public Health Core Competencies for Organizational and Individual Development
  • C #6: Emergency Preparedness Planning Builds Relationships Between Counties and Tribes
  • C #7: Implementing Community Engagement Strategies
  • C #8: Environmental Public Health Data at Your Fingertips
  • C #9: Act on Alzheimer's

Past Conferences & Keynotes

Be Part of the Conversation: Our Stories, Our Communities, Our Health

Breezy Point Conference Center

  • Our Stories—Telling our Public Health Stories
    David C. Mann
  • Our Communities—How do you Say Equity in Your Language?
    Abigail Echo-Hawk
  • Our Health—Be Part of the Conversation
    Tane Danger and the Theater of Public Policy

From Principle to Practice: Walk the Talk for Health Equity

Breezy Point Conference Center

  • Health Care or Health Equity—Which Contributes More to Good Health?
    Anthony Iton
  • Health Equity—Creating a Healthy Community
    Renee Frauendienst
  • Somali Mental Health Findings
    Asma Bulale
  • Minnesota's Aging Population
    Craig Helmstetter
  • My Story—Taking Action in Lake Wobegon
    Eric Bergenson

Public Health: Everyone, Every Day, Everywhere

Cragun's Conference Center

  • Health between Cultures
    Kao Kalia Yang
  • All the Water We Have
    Sandy Spieler
  • Partners Roundtable
    Kerri Miller, MayKao Hang, Robert Kane, Penny Wheeler

Public Health on the Horizon

Cragun's Conference Center

  • Gov. Mark Dayton and Commissioner Ed Ehlinger
  • Native Pride Dancers and Larry Yazzie
  • Clem Bezold

Working Together: Attaining Health Equity in Minnesota Communities

Cragun's Conference Center

  • Creating Community at the Conference and Afterward
    Shawna Suckow
  • Health in All Policies: How State Agencies are Creating Opportunities for Health
    Commissioner Ed Ehlinger, DNR Commissioner Tom Landwehr, MPCA Commissioner John Linc Stine, MNDOT Commissioner Charlie Zelle
  • Public Health and Community Organizing: The Evolution of Public Health Practice in the 21st Century
    Rex Archer
  • Telling the Truth about Trauma
    Syl Jones

Strengthening Public Health: Linking Past Successes to Future Challenges

Cragun's Conference Center

  • Strengthening Public Health: Linking Past Successes to Future Challenges
    Commissioner Ed Ehlinger, Past Commissioner Sr. Mary Madonna Ashton, Past Commissioner Mary Jo O'Brien, Past Commissioner Anne Barry, Past Commissioner Jan Malcolm, Past Commissioner Dianne Mandernach, Past Commissioner Sanne Magnan
  • Synergy across Sectors
    Glen P. Mays
  • Share your Passion for Public Health and Your Community
    Andy Berndt
  • Rethink the Impossible
    Billy McLaughlin

inVesting in our Values and Vision

Breezy Point

  • Holding Gains and Framing the Future: Spotlighting the "A" in PDSA
    Tom Mosgaller
  • Powers of Three: Recreating, Resilience, and Resolve
    Magda Peck
  • The Power of Service in Public Health
    Petra Marquart
  • Calories and Culture: A Worldwide Photographic Journey
    Peter Menzel, Faith D'Aluisio

Looking, Leading, Moving Ahead

Cragun's Conference Center

  • Public Health Informatics: What is it and What does it Mean for Me?
    Arthur Davidson
  • If You Think You Can!
    Karla Heeter
  • Minnesota and the New Normal
    Tom Gillaspy
  • Looking, Leading, Moving Ahead: National Perspectives
    Paul Jarris, Bobby Pestronk

Surviving and Thriving in Difficult Times

Cragun's Conference Center

  • Public Health 2009: Celebrating Our Achievements and Embracing the Challenge
    Linda Olson Keller
  • Leading from your Soul (Instead of a Position of Authority)
    Robin Getman
  • Institutional Racism: What is it? Why is it Important?
    Diana Dunn, John Morrin

Fostering Hope and Facilitating Change: Public Health in the 21st Century

Breezy Point Conference Center

  • Laugh! For the Health of it
    Robin Getman
  • Climate Change—Implications for Public Health
    Mark Seeley
  • The Itasca Project—How Business Leaders are Working to "Close the Gap"
    Donna Zimmerman

Prevent. Promote. Protect. Public Health at the Crossroads

Cragun's Conference Center

  • Patrick Libbey
  • Deputy State Chaplain Maj. John MOrris
  • Janet Porter
  • Tou Ger Xiong

Navigating an Era of Change: Working Together, Making Connections

Cragun's Conference Center

  • Charting a Course through Turbulent Times
    Tony Moore
  • The Healthiest State in the Nation... but What About Tomorrow?
  • And the Circle Goes Round and Round
    Gloria Lewis
  • The Art and Science of Humor: Are You Joking?
    Kevin Lee Smith

Investing in Our Future—Strong Families, Healthy Communities

Cragun's Conference Center

  • Building Community in the Midst of Diversity: Contact, Culture, Complexity, and Conflict
    Juan C. Moreno
  • The Intersection between Culture, Health, and Well-Being
  • "Me" and "Us": Recapturing the Language of Public Health
    John R. Finnegan, Jr.
  • Keeping it All in Perspective
    Fr. Nick Mezakapa

Change, Challenge, Opportunity—Leading for the Future

Breezy Point Conference Center

  • The Power of One
    Janet Porter
  • CardioVision 2020: A Community Responds to the Lifestyle Syndrome
    Thomas E. Kottke
  • Refugee and Immigrant Health Care in Minnesota
    Patricia Walker

Minnesota Prepares

Breezy Point Conference Center

  • Protecting the Public from Emerging Threats: Is Minnesota's Public Health System Up to the Job?
    Michael Osterholm
  • When the Going Gets Tough, Who are the Tough that Get Going: State Assets for a Local Emergency Response
    John Hick, Aggie Leitheiser, Maj. Thomas Miller, Terri Smith
  • Local Public Health Preparedness Partners Response Panel
    Linda Bedeau, Jo Coover, Denise Dunn, Renee Frauendienst, Dave Gisch, Dave Schuldheisz, Carol Sele
  • Biological, Chemical, and Radiological Agents
    Harry Hull, Patricia Bloomgren

Focusing on the Public Health Partnership and Emergency Preparedness

Breezy Point Conference Center

  • Risk Communication about Bioterrorism: Aiming at Calm Concern, Not Outrage, Denial, Apathy, or Panic
    Peter Sandman
  • Public Health Emergency Response Scenario: Who's Responsible for What?
    Robert Einweck, Myrlah Olson

Better Health for All

Cragun's Conference Center

  • America's Changing Democracy
    Christopher Gates
  • Building Communities Worth Living In—A Possible Model for Inclusion
    Fr. Anthony Stubeda
  • Cultural Competency for Public Health
    Okokon Udo

Working Together—Seeking Solutions

Cragun's Conference Center

  • Social Capital, Social Cohesion, and Health
    Ichiro Kawachi
  • Working Together to Protect Health
    Harry Hull

A Century of Progress

Cragun's Conference Center

  • A Century of Progress?
    Hy Berman
  • Knowledge Management: A Strategic Public Health Asset for the New Millennium
    Dennis McDowell

Reaching our Goals, Building our Future

Cragun's Conference Center

  • Public Health in the 21st Century: The Future of Goals, Partnerships, and Health
    Clem Bezold
  • Public Health is Investment Counseling
    Paul J. Wiesner
  • Bioterrorism, Media Hype, or Future Nightmare
    Michael J. Osterholm

Tradition and Change: Working Together to Improve the Health of Communities

Cragun's Conference Center

  • Leading from Anywhere: Meeting the Needs of the 21st Century
    Kathleen Allen
  • Working Together on Disaster Management: Lessons from the 1997 Floods
    Bonnie Holz, Cathlene Hockert, James Feddema, Nancy Bauer, Cal Michaels, JoAnn Coover, Brenda Menier, Mary Sheehan

20 Years of Partnership: A Rich Heritage, a Vibrant Future

Cragun's Conference Center

  • Public Health in the New American Health System
    Jeffrey P Koplan
  • Violence Prevention and Public Health: Why Should We be Involved?
    Rev. Devin Miller
  • Shaping a Better Future for Minnesota's Children and Families
    Barbara Colombo, Barbara Yates, Ann Damon, Mary Wellik

Today's Challenges, Tomorrow's Solutions—Shaping Policy and Practice

Cragun's Conference Center

  • Emerging Infections: A Crisis of Disease or Public Perception
    Michael Osterholm
  • Public Health's Heritage—Public Health's Future
    Kristin M. Gebbie, Columbia School of Nursing

Community Health: Moving Ahead in a Competitive Environment

September 14-16, 1994
Cragun's Conference Center

  • Working Together in a Competitive Environment
    Tyler Norris (National Civic League Healthy Communities Initiative)
  • Health as a Shared Responsibility
    Steve Mosow (Health Futures Institute), Gayle Hallin (Bloomington Division of Public Health), Paul Terry (Park Nicollet Foundation)
  • Universal Standard Benefits Set
    Mary Jo O'Brien, Barbara Nerness, Tom Moss, Dee Richards
  • Our Key to Well-Being, No Matter What!
    Mary O'Brien Sippel (College of St. Scholastica)

Public Health in a Changing World

September 29-October 1, 1993
Cragun's Conference Center

  • Public Health in a Changing World
    Julia Plotnick (US Public Health Service)
  • Violence: Causes and Prevention
    Tony Bouza (Minneapolis Chief of Police, ret.)

Public Health—Healthy Investment

October 14-16, 1992
Madden's on Gull Lake

  • The Secrets of the Sacred Tree: Making the Extraordinary Ordinary
    Don Coyhis (White Bison, Inc.)
  • Wonderland
    Illusion Theater
  • Humor as a Stress Manager
    Hal Schippits

Translating Vision into Action—Leadership in Changing Times

September 25-27, 1991
Breezy Point Conference Center

  • Translating Vision into Action: Leadership in Changing Times
    Stephen Joseph (University of Minnesota School of Public Health)
  • Ethical Leadership in Changing Times
    George Shapiro (University of Minnesota)

Community Health: Mission and Vision

August 22-24, 1990
Madden's on Gull Lake

  • Mission and Vision: A New Look at Leadership
    Robert L. Veninga (University of Minnesota School of Public Health)
  • Minnesota's Vision for Health: Year 2000
    Roger Cooper (Minnesota House of Representatives)

Assembling the Public Health Puzzle in the '90s

September 27-29
Madden's on Gull Lake

  • The Future of Public Health
    Martin P. Wasserman (National Association of County Health Officials)
  • The "Aging" of Minnesota: Implications for Public Health Needs
    Sharon Patten (University of Minnesota Humphrey Institute)

Mobilizing the Community to Promote Health

August 24-26, 1988
Madden's on Gull Lake

  • Mobilizing the Community to Promote Health
    Marshall W. Kreuter (Center for Disease Control)
  • Advocacy for Pediatric Injury Control
    Andrew McGuire (Trauma Foundation)

Collaboration for Quality

September 23-25, 1987
Arrowwood Conference Center

  • Collaboration: A Key to Effective Leadership in Public Health
    Robert Terry (University of Minnesota Humphrey Institute)
  • A Public Health Challenge: Suicide Among Farmers
    Paul Gunderson (Minnesota Dept. of Health)

Ethics and Leadership in Community Health

September 10-12, 1986
Arrowwood Conference Center

  • Community Health Ethics and Leadership: The Confounding Connection
    Robert Terry (University of Minnesota Humphrey Institute)
  • AIDS: The Client Concerns and Public Policy (Panel)
    Eric Engstrom (Minnesota AIDS Project), Michael Moen (Minnesota Dept. of Health)
    Michael T. Osterholm, moderator
  • Modern Public Health's Ethical Dilemma: Is All Change Progress?
    Michael T. Osterholm (Minnesota Dept. of Health)

Decision Making in Community Health

September 4-6, 1985
Madden's on Gull Lake

  • Decision Making and Its Importance: Past and Present
    Jon Wefald (State University System)
  • The Future of Dental Health in Minnesota
    Richard J. Hastreiter (Minnesota Dept. of Health)

Commitment in Action

September 19-21, 1984
Sheraton Park Place (Golden Valley)

  • Commitment in Action
    Robert J. Orth (St. Paul County Commissioner)
  • Factors Governing Health Policy and the Effects on the Future Role of Public Health
    John Kralewski (University of Minnesota Center for Health Services Research)
  • Timing: A Lot More than Luck
    Dorrine Turecamo (writer, public speaker, management consultant)

Community Health Services: Choices and Challenges

August 31-September 2, 1983
Madden's on Gull Lake

  • Politics, Planning, and People: How to Stay Hopeful in Tough Times
    Robert L. Veninga (University of Minnesota School of Public Health)
  • Healthy People: The Minnesota Experience
    Paul D. Gunderson (Minnesota Dept. of Health)
  • Health Costs and Its Sensitivity: Its Impact on Public Health, Acute Health, Care, and Health Wellness Programs
    James Kenney (Minnesota Coalition on Health Care Costs)
  • Health Care and Costs from the Consumer's Perspective
    Jerrold M. Peterson (University of Minnesota-Duluth)
  • The Prevention Revolution: Choices and Challenges
    Harold Leppink (St. Louis County Health Department)

Arrowwood Conference Center

Maximizing Resources: The Challenge of the '80s

September 2-4, 1981
Madden's on Gull Lake

  • Making Stress Work for You: Coping or Copping Out
    Paul H. Cashman (University of Minnesota)
  • Marketing Health Programs
    William Flexner (Flexner and Associates)

Third Annual Boards of Health Meeting

September 4, 1980
Madden's on Gull Lake

  • Boardsmanship
    Phyllis Acker (Governor's Office of Volunteer Services)

Developing Community Health Services: An Intergovernmental Responsibility

October 17-19, 1979
Arrowwood Conference Center

  • Individual Responsibility and Government Interventions
    Lowell Levin (Yale University School of Medicine)
  • Intergovernmental Relations in Health
    Kathleen Sheehan (Office of Federal and State Relations), Ronald Benjamin (CMS), John Dilley (State Health Planning and Development Agency), George R. Pettersen (Commissioner of Health), Ray Cink (Ramsey County Community Health Service Agency)
  • Tools for Evaluation
    Duane Johnson (Minnesota Dept. of Health), Ellen Z. Fifer (Minnesota Dept. of Health), Dave Hovet (Minnesota Dept. of Health), William Rush (Minnesota Dept. of Health)

First Annual Minnesota Boards of Health Meeting

September 18-20, 1978
Arrowwood Conference Center

  • Opening Address
    Gov. Rudy Perpich
  • Assessing Community Health Services Development
    Cliff Halmrast, Vernon Haglund, Bob Orth, Norm Anderson
    Jim Shipman (Association of Minnesota Counties), moderator
  • The Role of Boards of Health and Physicians in Community Health Services
    George Pickett (APHA Past President)
  • Panel: Physicians in Community Health
    Ellen Alkon, John Thomas, George Pettersen
    Bob Hiller (Minnesota Dept. of Health), moderator
  • Building a Community Health Services System: Issues and Relationships
    Fannie Kakela, Margaret Welch, Ray Eckes
    Jerome Crest (Douglas-Grant-Stevens-Traverse CHS Agency), moderator
  • Federal Perspective of Health Education
    Horace Ogden (Department of HEW, Atlanta, GA)
  • 1979 Legislative Preview
    Warrent R. Lawson (Commissioner of Health), Cynthia Whiteford (Minnesota Dept. of Public Welfare), Lovell Richie (Minnesota Pollution Control Agency), Peter Vanderpoel (Minnesota State Planning Agency)