2013 Community Health Conference - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Community Health Conference: 2013

Working Together: Attaining Health Equity in Minnesota Communities
September 25-27, 2013
Cragun's Conference Center, Brainerd, MN

ImgLearning Objectives

During the conference participants had the opportunity to:

  • Connect emerging national and state public health issues to public health at the community level;
  • Discover creative ways colleagues are approaching public health practice;
  • Increase skills to engage diverse communities in public health partnership, and
  • Improve knowledge of health disparities and their impact on achieving health equity.

General Sessions

  • Creating Community at the Conference and Afterward
    Shawna Suckow, Senior Planners Industry Network
  • Health in All Policies: How State Agencies are Creating Opportunities for Health
    Ed Ehlinger, Commissioner, Department of Health
    Tom Landwehr, Commissioner, Department of Natural Resources
    John Linc Stine, Commissioner, Pollution Control Agency
    Charlie Zelle, Commissioner, Department of Transportation
  • Public Health and Community Organizing: The Evolution of Public Health Practice in the 21st Century
    Rex Archer, Director, Kansas City Health Department
  • Telling the Truth about Trauma
    Syl Jones, Transformational Thinker, Journalist, Playwright, Producer

Concurrent Sessions

Presentation slides available for sessions in bold.

Strategies to Improve Outcomes in Diverse Communities

  • Adapting an Evidence-Based Curriculum for the Somali Community
  • Learn and Live: Cancer Education and Screening in the Hmong Community
  • Promoting a Preventive Health Culture in the Latino Community
  • All Our Babies: Improving Rural Birth Outcomes in Minnesota

Building Capacity at the Local Level

  • Playing in the Same Sandbox: Hospitals and Community Health Boards Working Together on Community Health Assessment
  • "You Helped Me to Be Healthy": A Public Health Nurse's Role in an Adult Literacy Center
  • The Role of Local Health Departments in Addressing Health Inequity
  • Preparing for our Future by Linking Succession Planning and Diversity

For Elected Officials

  • Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing: Practical Tips and True Stories
  • Minnesota's State Innovation Model (SIM) Grant: Opportunities for Local Public Health
  • Accelerating Community Engagement to Expand Health Equity: SHIP 3.0 Framework
  • Upstream Health: Health in All Policies as a Catalyst for Change

Working with New Partners

  • Move More: The Power of Physical Activity to Improve Health and Academic Performance
  • Staying Power: Building Sustainable Collaborations
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences in Minnesota: How Communities can Reduce ACEs and Build Resilience
  • Nutrition on a Mission: A Public-Private Partnership that will Change the Health of Minnesota Forever

Integrating Public Health and Health Care

  • Circle of Health: A Partnership between the Medical Community and Public Health
  • The Infant Mortality Crisis in Minnesota's African-American Community
  • Catch Up with the Minnesota Chlamydia Partnership
  • The Weigh-In: Clinics, Health Plans, and Community Partners Achieving Healthy Weights for Kids

Telling our Public Health Stories

  • The Great Flood of the North: Behavioral Health Response and Recovery
  • Pairing Powerful Public Narratives and Policies to Advance Health Equity
  • Child Sexual Abuse: Through a Mother's Lens

Challenging Topics

  • Suicide Prevention: Hope for Today, Promise for Tomorrow
  • Disparities Related to Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity: LGBTQ Health in Minnesota
  • Creating a Victim-Centered Response to Trafficked Youth



Conference attendees compare notes during a networking session with presenter Shawna Suckow.


SCHSAC Chair Bill Groskreutz greets conference attendees.

2013 Workgroup Membership

* County Commissioners

Larry Kittelson, Chair * (Horizon)
Karen Ahmann * (Polk-Norman-Mahnomen)
Ken Bence (Minnesota Council of Health Plans)
Deb Burns (MDH Office of Performance Improvement)
Xiaoying Chen (MDH Office of Minority & Multicultural Health)
Jackie Dionne (MDH Director of Tribal Health)
Dee Finley (MDH Community & Family Health)
Bill Groskreutz * (Faribault-Martin)
Allison Heinzeller (MDH Office of Statewide Health Improvement Initiatives)
Ardis Henriksen (SWHHS)
Helene Kahlstorf (North Country)
Amy Kenzie (MDH Health Promotion & Chronic Disease)
Dan Locher (MDH Environmental Health)
DeeAnn Pettyjohn (Dodge-Steele)
Deb Radi (MDH Office of Emergency Preparedness)
Theresa Evans Ross, EHDI Grantee (Annex Teen Clinic)
Jacob Zdon (MDH Infectious Disease Epi., Prevention & Control)

MDH Conference Staff

Liz Arita (Office of Performance Improvement)
Becky Buhler (Office of Performance Improvement)
Peggy Malinowski (Office of Performance Improvement)