2013 Presentations and Handouts

  • Available presentation slides and handouts can be found below
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General Sessions
Shawna Suckow: Creating Community at the Conference and Afterward
Img   Overview (PDF: 210KB / 1 page)
Minnesota State Agency Panel: Health in All Policies: How State Agencies are Creating Opportunities for Health
No materials available.
Rex Archer: Public Health and Community Organizing: The Evolution of Public Health Practice in the 21st Century
Img   Presentation Slides (PDF: 1.28MB / 48 slides)
Syl Jones: Telling the Truth about Trauma
Img   Presentation Slides (PDF: 965KB / 39 slides)
Img   Adverse Childhood Experiences in Minnesota: Findings and Recommendations Based on the 2011 Minnesota Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (PDF: 695KB / 4 pages)
Concurrent Sessions
Theme 1. Strategies to Improve Outcomes in Diverse Communities
A1 Adapting an Evidence-Based Curriculum for the Somali Community
Img   Presentation Slides (PDF: 510KB / 30 slides)
B1 Learn and Live: Cancer Education and Screening in the Hmong Community
Img   Presentation Slides (PDF: 412KB / 35 slides)
C1 Promoting a Preventive Health Culture in the Latino Community
Img   Presentation Slides (PDF: 2.81MB / 32 slides)
D1 All Our Babies: Improving Rural Birth Outcomes in Minnesota
Img   Presentation Slides (PDF: 927 KB / 33 slides)
Theme 2. Building Capacity at the Local Level
A2 Playing in the Same Sandbox: Hospitals and CHBs Working Together on Community Health Assessment
Img   Presentation Slides (PDF: 3.35MB / 76 slides)
Img   Community Health Assessment Process (PDF: 76KB / 1 page)
Img   Summary of the Internal Revenue Service's April 5, 2013, Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Community Health Needs Assessments for Charitable Hospitals (PDF: 166KB / 3 pages)
Img   MAPP: A Strategic Approach to Community Health Improvement (474KB / 2 pages)
B2 "You Helped Me to Be Healthy": A Public Health Nurse's Role in an Adult Literary Center
Img   Presentation Slides (PDF: 832MB / 16 slides)
C2 The Role of Local Health Departments in Addressing Health Inequity
Img   Presentation Slides (PDF: 296KB / 54 slides)
D2 Preparing for our Future by Linking Succession Planning and Diversity
Img   Presentation Slides (PDF: 742KB / 28 slides)
Theme 3. For Elected Officials
A3 Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing: Practical Tips and True Stories
Img   Presentation Slides (PDF: 1.36MB / 17 slides)
Img   Minnesota Shared Services Learning Collaborative (PDF: 259KB / 13 pages)
Img   Force Field Analysis (PDF: 286KB / 2 pages)
B3 Minnesota's State Innovation Model (SIM) Grant: Opportunities for Local Public Health
Img   Presentation Slides (PDF: 144KB / 12 slides)
Img   Consent to Release and Exchange Personal Information Between Your Care Team Agencies (PDF: 134KB / 1 page)
Img   Minnesota Grant Centers (PDF: 242KB / 1 page)
Img   Sample Continuity of Care Document (CCD) - Omaha System (PDF: 73KB / 5 pages)
Img   Sample CCD - Nightingale Notes (PDF: 22KB / 2 pages)
C3 Accelerating Community Engagement to Expand Health Equity: SHIP 3.0 Framework
Img   Presentation Slides (PDF: 393KB / 30 slides)
Img   Community Culture Questions for Practitioners (PDF: 313KB / 2 pages)
D3 Upstream Health: Health in All Policies as a Catalyst for Change
Img   Summary (PDF: 125KB / 2 pages)
Img   MPHA Resolution: Promoting a Health in All Policies Framework to Policymaking (PDF: 71KB / 3 pages)
Theme 4. Working with New Partners
A4 Move More: The Power of Physical Activity to Improve Health and Academic Performance
Img   Presentation Slides (PDF: 1.1MB / 32 slides)
Img   The Power of Physical Activity to Improve Health and Learning (PDF: 70KB / 2 pages)
B4 Staying Power: Building Sustainable Collaborations
Img   Presentation Slides (PDF: 425KB / 27 slides)
C4 Adverse Childhood Experiences in Minnesota: How Communities can Reduce ACEs and Build Resilience
Img   Presentation Slides (PDF: 1.29MB / 94 slides)
Img   Adverse Childhood Experiences in Minnesota: Findings and Recommendations Based on the 2011 Minnesota Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (PDF: 695KB / 4 pages)
D4 Nutrition on a Mission: A Public-Private Partnership that will Change the Health of Minnesota Forever
Img   Presentation Slides (PDF: 2.17MB / 38 slides)
Theme 5. Integrating Public Health and Health Care
A5 Circle of Health: A Partnership between the Medical Community and Public Health
Img   Presentation Slides (PDF: 400KB / 27 slides)
B5 The Infant Mortality Crisis in Minnesota's African-American Community
Img   Presentation Slides (PDF: 2.2MB / 50 slides)
C5 Catch Up with the Minnesota Chlamydia Partnership
Img   Presentation Slides (PDF: 2.32MB / 68 slides)
Img   Number of Cases and Rates of Chlamydia and Gonorrhea by County of Residence [Table] (PDF: 16KB / 1 page)
Img   Minnesota Chlamydia Strategy Fact Sheet (PDF: 161KB / 2 pages)
Img   Chlamydia: More than a Medical Problem (PDF: 32KB / 2 pages)
D5 The Weigh-In: Clinics, Health Plans, and Community Partners Achieving Healthy Weights for Kids
Img   Presentation Slides (PDF: 849KB / 29 slides)
Theme 6. Telling Our Public Health Stories
A6 The Great Flood of the North: Behavioral Health Response and Recovery
Img   Presentation Slides (PDF: 2.18MB / 42 slides)
B6 Pairing Powerful Public Narratives and Policies to Advance Health Equity
Img   Presentation Slides (PDF: 980KB / 25 slides)
Img   Healthy Minnesota 2020 Framework (PDF: 521KB / 1 page)
Img   A New Narrative for our Justice System (PDF: 416KB / 1 page)
Img   Challenge: Indicators and Effects (PDF: 115KB / 1 page)
C6 Child Sexual Abuse: Through a Mother's Lens
No materials available.
Theme 7. Challenging Topics
A7 Creating a Victim-Centered Response to Trafficked Youth
No materials available.
B7 Suicide Prevention: Hope for Today, Promise for Tomorrow
Img   Presentation Slides (PDF: 283KB / 30 slides)
C7 Disparities Related to Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity: LGBTQ Health in Minnesota
Img   Presentation Slides (PDF: 626KB / 40 slides)