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Using Data to Advance Health Equity

This session will provide guidance on how to conduct health assessment and analysis through a health equity lens. As noted in the 2014 Advancing Health Equity Report to the Legislature, data are a valuable, useful tool for advancing health equity. The new MDH Center for Health Equity is leading the effort to improve the collection, analysis, reporting and dissemination of health equity data. By bringing health equity into assessment, analysis, and planning activities, we are more likely to understand the unique barriers and burdens faced by certain populations, and the programming, social, and environmental conditions that can help minimize those barriers and burdens. This session will also present results from the Planning and Performance Management Reporting System (PPMRS) regarding community health boards' efforts to advance health equity at the local level.

Presenters: Kim Edelman, Ann Kinney, Minnesota Dept. of Health; Derrek Helmin, Peggy Sammons, Stearns County

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A7   Using Data to Advance Health Equity
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